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Color Picker From Image

Get color code either by uploading image or directly pasting image URL

HEX Color Picker From Image

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Quick Intro

Using, image color picker online tool, you can quickly get the HEX or HTML color code very easily. This color picker from image tool lets you instantly get the color code either by uploading the image or directly pasting the picture URL. Once the image is fetched by the tool, the user will see be able to see the uploaded image. The user needs to hover to the desired color part and click on it to get the HEX color code or RGB code. Now you can use that code anywhere you want.

HEX And RGB Color!

HEX or hexadecimal colors are widely used by developers and designers in web designing. HEX color code is a way of identifying colors using hexadecimal values.There are six digits in a hex code which starts with a hash symbol (#).
The six digit hex code can be further divided into a pair of 3 hex values. The first pair of hex values specifies the levels of the red color. The middle pair of hex values represents the green color and the last pair specifies the level of blue color of a given pixel. You can generalise the HEX code as #RRGGBB .

The RGB color code is the most used color profile in the digital world (computer, mobile, and TV screens). In simple words RGB is the process with which the color is rendered on screen using the color combination of RGB colors i.e RED, Green, and Blue.
The RGB color scheme is only applicable to digital screens, all the color that you see on your display screen is a combination of these colors. For example when all the RGB colors are fully mixed in equal proportions you get the pure white color. And when you completely remove all the three colors you get a black color. Similarly millions of different colors are produced onscreen by mixing these three colors in different proportions.

Color Picker From Image FAQs

Difference between HEX code and RGB code?

While HEX and RGB code display the same colors, both the color codes look different as HEX display code in hexadecimal format of 6 digits on the other hand RGB code is displayed in the sets of 3 numbers ranging from 0 to 255.

Can we get the Color Code of a website?

Yes, you can get color code from any website using online color picking tools like ImageLR. You can take the screenshot of the website and then upload it to ImageLR to pick HEX and RGB color code from it.

How to know what colors are in a picture?

To know what color there is in a picture , you can upload that picture to our color picker from image tool and then hover the mouse over a particular point on the picture to pick color from it. The RGB and HEX code of the picked color will be then shown on the screen.

What platforms does ImageLR support?

Since ImageLR is an online tool it can be used on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, smartphones, and tablets as long as it is connected to the internet.

How to Convert RGB code to HEX code manually?

In order to convert RGB values to HEX code you need to convert each set of number one by one. For example we take the RGB code of brown color and try to convert it to HEX code. So the RGB value of brown color is(165,42,42).

HEX Code Chart

You will need to take the help of this decimal to hexadecimal chart to convert RGB codes to HEX codes. Because in hexadecimals we can not write 10 as 10 and we have to write it as A and 11 as B and so on.

First Number

First Value is 165, so we will divide 165 by 16 because there are 16 numbers(0-15) in a hexadecimal number system. So when we divide 165/16=10.32 .So the first number of hex codes is 10 or A.

Now we take the reminder and multiply it by 16, so we get, (0.32) x 16= 5. So now we have the first two digits of the hex code which are #A5

Second Number

The second number of the RGB value is 42. So we do the same process again to determine the third and fourth number of the hex code. Now 42/16= 2.63. So the third number of the hex code is 2.

Now take the remainder and multiply it with 16 so we get (0.63) x 16 = 10 or A. So the third and fourth number of the hex code is 2A and if we add the first two numbers with it then till now we have the hex code #A52A

Third Number

The third number is the same as the second number which is 42. So the hex value will be the same i.e 2A. If the number had been different we would have followed the same process to get the remaining hex values.

So finally the hex value is #A52A2A, which is the hex value of brown color. And that’s how you convert RGB values to HEX codes manually.

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