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About Us

ImageLR tool is developed for the users and developers who are looking for a quick way to get the RGB or a HEX code from image.

  • Easy to Use
  • Get HEX code
  • Get RGB code
  • Upload photo option
  • Fetch image directly from URL

The user can either upload the picture or can directly paste the image URL (.png, .jpg, .jpeg) to get the color code from the image. User just needs to hover over the desired part to get the color code. The HEX and RGB code is shown as soon user taps on a particular area.

The tool is completely free to use and can upload the images as many number of times as you want to get the color code. Using ImageLR, user can get the desired color code to design their website, logos, graphical images, infographics and other pictures.

Founder’s Note: I got the idea to develop this website when I was planning for a logo for one of my website and I had the reference image which was having the same color I was looking for. But didn’t had any idea how to get the color code from it. So for the same reason, this website is developed to help users to get the desired color code quickly and without any hassle.

We are constantly working to improve this tool for better user experience.

If you have any question or a feedback then please drop us an email to the below email id and we will get back to you soon.