Best Apps To Write On Pictures

5 Best Apps To Write On Pictures [Android/iOS]

Are you looking for apps to combine your images and text? A lot of people like to write poems on different images to showcase their creativity on social media platforms.

There are motivational pages on Facebook and Instagram that are functional just by copying text and adding to the random pictures online. Few good photographers also write small quotes beneath their amazing pictures to make them more engaging for the audience.

Though most smartphones nowadays have an in-built tool for adding text on images, they don’t offer much customization and the scope of creativity is also low there. You can easily write anything on the pictures you have by using smartphone apps.

Here we have listed the best apps to write on pictures on Android as well as on iOS device. Poets, teachers, social media marketers or and even meme-makers can use these tools to express themself more effectively.

1. Picsart Photo Editor

Picsart: iOS

Picsart: Android

Picsart is a photo editing app that is one of the best when it comes to adding text to images. It has a large number of features to customize your text and make it perfectly blend with the image. Firstly, there are a lot of fonts your can use. Some of these fonts are old and not worth it but you will find some very stylish and presentable worthy as well.

Picsart have different coloring options for texts. Either you can use plain colors for the text or the ‘Gradient’. It is a very helpful tool if your image had dark as well as light background and you want to use two different colors for the text. Then there is an option called ‘Texture’ that can include images inside the text you write.

The ‘Stroke’ tool in the app is for thickening the border of your text with different colors. To blend the text perfectly with the image, there are 6 different types of blending options to choose from.

You can also create shadows of your texts on the image and customize the shadow’s blur size and opacity as well.

2. Canva

Canva: iOS

Canva: Android

We have discussed Canva in so many articles because of its different features. It is one of the best apps with easy to use user interface to write on pictures. If you are an influencer and require new backgrounds for creating images with texts regularly, this can be your final destination. It has a huge image library where you will find pictures across so many categories.

The best thing about Canva is its beautiful fonts. As this photo app is directed towards designers, you will find the latest fonts on the app. Their newly added feature is the template that is a combination of fonts and different colors. You can use these combinations to make your posts very appealing.

Canva allows you to change the text’s color and format along with the spacing of the letters and the lines. This writing app also has a tool to add effects like Splice, Echo, Glitch, and Neon that can be applied to the text. If you want to use animated text in your pictures, Canva has a tool for that too.

3. TextO Pro – Write on Photos

TextO: Android

TextO is an Android app that is dedicated to adding quotes or poems to different types of images. They already have a lot of images in their photo library which is powered by Pixabay. You can add your own images too.

The photo editing app has all basic text-formatting tools like alignment, bold-italic-underline, and strike-trough text. When you type your quote or poem, you can tap on the words you want to highlight.

The app has got a lot of stylish fonts perfect for short poetry writers. You can choose separate fonts or separate colors for the regular text and the highlighted text.

The text you write can be made more catchy by using ‘Shadows’ and the ‘Shader’ tools. TextO also has a lot of stickers in their library that you can add to your pictures.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed: iOS

Snapseed: Android

Snapseed is a popular editing app by Google with so many amazing features to make your pictures attractive. Their ‘Text’ tool is also one of the best out there.

There are a lot of presentable fonts and styles that you can choose for your words. 8 of those styles are for making badges to your photos with your brand’s or organization’s name. These fonts and styles are ideal for putting creative texts on the photo.

The best thing about writing on pictures on Snapseed is that you can apply filters and even blur your image before adding the text. The basic feature of the text tool includes changing the color of text with dozens of colors available. Then you have the option to change the opacity of your text.

The app also allows you to choose ‘Invert’ which make all the area in the picture covered and only the area where the text is written is highlighted.

5. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

Pixlr: iOS

Pixlr: Android

Pixlr is another go-to app used by millions for editing their pictures and making collages. The ‘Text’ tool in Pixlr is very basic but can be very useful for few reasons. The best thing here is the huge number of fonts available to customize your text.

Pixlr has got hundreds of fonts, put in eight categories. They have everything in store for writers, meme creators, motivators, photographers, etc.

You can increase the font size by dragging and for alignment, there is a separate button. Then you have a color bar in the app to choose the color of your text. The opacity of the text can also be customized.

Pixlr also has a desktop app apart from smartphone apps.


Writing on the pictures is quite easy but not all apps provide good customization options. If you want to do it professionally or have some target in mind for doing so, you need an app with several tools. These were the 5 best apps to write on images available on Android and iOS. You can find the desktop app for some of the above listed apps.

Canva is our personal favorite when it comes to adding elements to your images. If you are creative enough, you can use its huge library of pictures, fonts, stickers, etc to make wholesome posts. Snapseed lacks a customization option for it also has some amazing fonts. So, create stunning images with these apps and share on the social media platform.

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