Best Free OCR Tools

Best Free OCR Tools To Extract Useful Information From An Image

Have you ever thought of extracting useful information from an image that can help you later in something?

Well, every single day, millions and billions are generated in the world to be scanned, stored, and digitized.

Many of us go through a situation where we only want helpful information instead of taking screenshots or saving images.

However, OCR technology is a reliable and efficient alternative to taking screenshots.

If you do not know about OCR technology, this article will guide you on what it is and how many free OCR tools you can use to extract information.

To ensure every piece of information about OCR technology, we recommend you to read it till last!

Let’s get started!

What Is OCR Software?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition that scans, detects, and extracts text from images.

It also can detect and extract text from real-life objects. There are several uses of OCR technology in different fields.

Business owners use this software’s to digitize important documents as it saves them time, money, effort, and human resources.

There are three types of OC software’s that you can use:

Offline: the OCR software that can be downloaded

Semi-offline: this type of software runs on a local computer.

Online: If you have a good internet connection, you can use OCR software online without downloading it.

The best thing about optical character recognition is that any physical document you convert with allows you to edit, copy, paste, and share the text.

Best Free OCR Tools To Extract Useful Information From An Image.



This image-to-text converter is an advanced online tool that features the latest technology of OCR. It allows you to convert images into text in different file formats such as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, and TIFF.

The usability of this image to text converter is straightforward! You can upload the image from your computer or can load it from Google drive.

Moreover, you can also bring the image by uploading the link. After submitting the file, click the submit button to get the text from the images.

You will get your desired text in the container to copy, paste, edit, or download into a .txt file. You will feel even more reliable after getting a text from low-quality images.

Furthermore, this online tool is entirely free and supports more than 30 languages. If you want to access it from any device, it is easier with this tool.

Why Should You Use This Image To Text Converter?

There are several reasons you should consider using this tool! This tool converts every type of image format and scans documents within seconds. You will always get your text in an editable form to make it useful according to your need.

On the other hand, there is no installation required because of its online usage. The purpose of giving you text in an editable format is so you don’t have to retype anything. Secondly, you can also extract hand-written text with this tool.

2. Readiris

The Readiris 200 is one of the best OCR tools to create high-quality PDF files without any problem.

However, it is time-consuming as you have to pay either time or money to use it. From our perspective, using it for free and giving it some time to convert files is the best option.

You will get two editing modes in this OCR tool:

Viewer Mode: In this mode, your scanned data appears as a thumbnail on a single page.

Editor Mode: It allows you to control every element, such as text extraction settings, line thickness, colors, etc.

Moreover, this tool also can add annotations and comments about the specific page. This tool conveniently works with Mac and Windows operating systems.

3. Imagetotext.Info

Image To Text

Are you tired of taking screenshots and typing the text that consumes your time and energy? If yes, this image-to-text converter will save you time and provide you with 100% accurate results.

It uses advanced optical character recognition technology that allows you to get from the images. With this tool, you can extract text from WhatsApp status, Instagram stories, Twitter feeds, and other social media platforms.

However, if you feel difficulty understanding the hand-written text, this tool can make it easier to understand. This tool supports multiple file formats as well as multiple languages.

Moreover, it enables a person to download the text file that can later be used for editing, pasting, sharing, or any desired task.

It does not matter whether your image is of low-quality or not; this image to text tool will derive you the content and text you want without any problem.


Nanonets is a free PDF tool that converts scanned images into text files. It supports three file formats that are JPEG, BMP, and PNG.

With this tool, you can convert your file into any language without any hassle. However, the process is fast and easy as compared to other tools. 

The good thing is that it works offline, so you don’t have to worry if there is an internet connection available or not.

In Nanonets, after the data is scanned, you have access to edit the document, add comments, and change their settings. This free tool is simple and easy to use and has custom object localization APIs.

Moreover, it offers a text duplication API and text categorization API. The only drawback of this tool is that annotation is very time-consuming.


OCR has some unique features that you won’t get in other tools. It has a drag and drops feature that allows you to add or delete the plan efficiently.

Moreover, you can edit your preview and use it without any problem. It is an online tool that does not have any limits to use.

This tool’s difference is that it allows you to drag and drop the file you want to convert or upload from a computer or Google drive.

6. Editpad.Org


This is a reliable OCR tool for scanning and extracting text from images. It is a straightforward and valuable tool that does not require any installation process or registration.

In a few seconds, you can extract your desired text that you can use anywhere you want. The results you will get are accurate. However, you can also get your text by using the text URL.

Paid OCR Tools

1. OmniPage Ultimate

When it comes to paid versions, there are endless features and benefits you can get.

However, if you are a business person or a student, you can use the free versions also as it depends on your personal preference.

The OmniPage Ultimate is a popular OCR program that allows you to edit PDF documents.

The best thing you will love about this software is that it supports 100 quite impressive languages. 

Secondly, it comes with three licenses that three individuals can use. However, you can also scan and produce fillable documents without any hassle.

The only drawback of this OCR tool is that it is expensive, and its interface is quite complex for a beginner user. It takes time to know how to use this software.

2. ABBYY Finereader PDF

The ABBYY Finereader PDF tool is a straightforward and efficient tool that can remove any printing errors.

You will get excellent accuracy with this tool which is relatively higher than others. It is a perfect editor for manual corrections.

However, the interface is simple, and exporting files to multiple formats is efficient.

You will feel even more reliable after getting the document-comparison feature and affordable price compared to other paid OCR tools.

How to choose paid OCR software? : Tips & tricks

When it comes to purchasing paid OCR tools, there are several factors that you need to consider.

First thing first, decide whether you want an offline OCR tool, online, or semi-offline tool.

The next thing is your company budget. Some tools on the market will cost you a significant amount, depending on the features and options.

However, you should know the purposes of using OCR tools.

Below we have mentioned some must-have features that your OCR tool should have no matter if it is free or paid:

  • Your chosen OCR tool should have text detection because that is the main feature you will use.
  • It should have a search option to search words or phrases that you want to edit, remove, rewrite, etc.
  • Another essential feature your OCR tool should have is that it should support multiple languages.
  • The last and most important feature is that the OCR tool you want to buy or use should support different file formats, making the editing more accessible.

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