Best Image Search Apps And Websites

7 Best Image Search Apps And Websites

We all know the role images play in delivering any type of content. It helps to draw the attention of your audience and make them believe that they are accessing the right information. To get the desired images, there are different types of tools available on the internet. There are roughly 3 types of image search engines i.e. regular image search, reverse image search, and stock photo search engines.

Here, we have listed the 7 best image search apps and websites that can help you find the most fitting images for your content. If Google was your default option for searching images, this article might make you reconsider your choice.

List Of Best Image Search Apps And Websites

1. Bing Image Search

Bing image search

Bing is the second most popular search engine after Google. If you have never been to its image search tool, you will be surprised and impressed by its utility.

Firstly, when you open it, you already see a lot of trending image searches under various sections. You can see what the world is searching under popular animal searches, popular nature and landmark searches, popular wallpaper searches, and popular GIF searches.

It has got a lot of search filters like Google. In fact, it has got more filters under the size and layout options. The ‘Layout’ filter allows you to choose if you want a picture in the landscape, portrait, or square form. The ‘People’ filter in Bing is helpful if you are looking for an image of a famous person. From here, you can select if you want just the face, head, and shoulders or all kinds of images.

There are other useful settings to apply to your searches. You can customize the safe search from switching it off, to moderate to strict. Then, there is an option to choose if you want to see the page title of your search results.

If you select ‘Show’, it will be easier for you to know the type of content behind the image and this fastens your research about a picture or topic. Bing app and website also offer visual search using the pictures from the in-built camera of your phone’s photo library.

2. Google Image Search Engine

Google image search

There is no doubt that the Google search engine is the most powerful tool to provide you with very relevant results. A few years ago, the same couldn’t be said for its image searches. But now with enhanced artificial intelligence, and deep learning, the indexing of the whole web page determines the search results and they are as good as they can get.

You can choose the images based on sizes like Large, Medium, and Icon. Then there are color options including the ‘Black & White’. In colors, if you choose the ‘Transparent’ filter, you can see images in PNG format that can be used with different backgrounds.

The feature of Google Image search that impresses us the most is filtering images by their upload time. Using that, you can see images that were uploaded in the last hour, past 24 hours, past week, past month, and last year.

Most image searches here come with related filter suggestions to the same topic. Eg. if you search ‘Canada’, it shows you filters to click like Map, Toronto, Flag, Wallpaper, Travel, etc.

Google image search also allows you to reverse search images. This feature was only available from your PC. But now you can use it on your phone as well. If you want to know the origin of any image or look for similar images that you clicked or saved, you can upload it using the camera icon and there will be tons of image results.

Using only one keyword, you will get thousands of images for your projects or research. If you get any word misspelled or do a typo in your search, it still gives you the required results and suggestions for the correct spellings.

3. ImageSearchMan (Android)


Have you heard of image search apps or websites that let you download the images right after the search? If not, ImageSearchMan might surprise you. This is a good image search app available for Android smartphones with a lot of convenient features.

When you insert the keyword, it shows a lot of similar suggestions, and after you hit enter on your keypad or tap on the suggestions, it brings up hundreds of relevant search results. It uses Google’s search tool and when you tap on one image, the related images are shown below the icon bar.

The icon bar includes a One-touch download, a Share, and a Kebab menu icon. This menu icon allows you to open the original article in your default browser or directly set the image as wallpaper on your mobile device.

The downloaded photos on ImageSearchMan can be accessed at one place through the menu bar at the corner. Here, you will also find the search history button and the option to search by images. Using the settings, you can customize your search in terms of image types, colors, size, time, and license to use.

4. Yahoo

yahoo image search

Yahoo has been out of trend lately but it is still one of the best and very accurate image search engines. After you image search on Yahoo, there are a lot of tools you see to customize your search. If you are working on a particular theme, you can choose the color of the image. There are 12 different color options and an option to get black and white images.

The other search tool includes selecting the size and type of the images. The small, medium and large size filters are useful if you are looking for compressed images, wallpapers for your devices, or make a design.

The type filter allows you to search specific results like photos, graphics, GIFs, faces, portraits, or clip-arts, etc. The filter tool we found most useful is the option to choose the type of image you want depending on the license. If you are a blogger or content writer, you can choose the ‘Free to share and use’ option and all the free images will be there with the link.

Unlike Google or Pinterest, Yahoo image search does not show you similar images after clicking on one. Another thing we miss on the Yahoo search engine is the correct suggestions if you misspell words. But all the search filters and the relevant results make it a good search engine. When you use it on your phone, you can see the images on full screen and swipe to see more.

5. PictPicks Image Search (Android)

PictPicks Image Search- Android

Here is another good Android app to search and save pictures from the internet on your phone. The app comes with a smooth interface and gives tons of image results pretty quickly. The results come with the image sizes below the thumbnail. This is useful if you need a high-quality image for your blogs, wallpapers, or YouTube video thumbnails.

When you tap on an image after the search, they provide you 5 different options below the image. You can open the image on different browsers, use the picture as wallpaper, share the link or image directly, save it on your phone, and also choose to see similar images.

From the menu, you can choose to search through images, see the downloaded pictures and also search history. The settings allow you to select the thumbnail type of the search results if you want them according to the actual image, cropped to square or fitted in a square. You can also select the number of rows in your search, choose the download location

6. Pinterest


Though it is uncommon to call Pinterest an image search app or website, it can show you the best collection of images you want. This is also a social networking and marketing tool that a lot of people use to get designs and ideas related to their projects.

If you plan to travel somewhere, want to make a new sketch of some celeb, looking for good furniture designs and color combinations, a motivational quote to include in your photo, searching beauty tips, recipes, cat and dog pics, etc, Pinterest is the place to go for.

The Pinterest app is available on Android as well as iOS. When you log in, you see tons of genres you can select to get pictures on your homepage. You will find sections like Humor, Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Hiking, Comic Art, Photography, Education, Tattoos and Body Art, Gadgets, Graphic Design, Web Design, etc.

When you tap on one image on the homepage, it opens and you see innumerable similar images below it. Each image is linked with the article in the websites they were originally uploaded on and you can read the article on the in-built browser of your phone.

The feature of the Pinterest app is that their search allows you to click or upload an image and see the hundreds of similar images on the internet.

A lot of creators also upload their work directly on Pinterest. You can like their images and videos, comment on them and follow them as well. The most popular feature of Pinterest is the saving button. It allows you to save an idea that you can access later.

7. Pixabay


Pixabay is one of the best websites to search images, download, and use for free. They have got more than a million images in great quality with a very easy-to-use interface. These images include photos from highly skilled photographers, illustrations, and vector graphics by professionals. You will also find free videos on Pixabay.

All the content you search and find on Pixabay is under Creative Commons. So, the images and videos can also be used for commercial purposes without any attribution. It is the best alternative for costly stock photo apps and websites.

No matter what topic you create content on, you will find images on Pixabay from all categories like travel, fitness, cooking, planting, conservation, gaming, art, fashion beauty, etc. You can like and comment on these images. The artists that uploaded the images can be followed.

Pixabay lets you download the images in 4 different qualities from low to high quality. For downloading HD wallpapers too, this is an ideal website. All the images are in JPG format.

The ‘Explore’ section on the app as well as the website lets you check artist profiles. The thing that impresses us the most is that you can choose the camera and see the pictures that were clicked from them. The Forum and Blog section on Pixabay is a great place for aspiring photographers, editors, and designers to discuss and learn from experts.

To check the quality images and videos, there are sections for Editor’s Choice, Popular Images, Popular Videos, Popular Searches, etc. You do not find categories on the homepage but in the Popular images and popular searches, there are different categories through which you can discover some stunning pictures.


These were the 7 best image search apps and websites with different utilities. A lot of people underestimate the quality of other searches than that of Google. We really like what Bing and other apps like ImageSearchMan offer and hope you too got something new from here.

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