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5 Best Image To Gif Converter Apps And Websites

Millions of GIFs are shared on the internet every day. The reason their popularity is skyrocketing is that they convey much more than pictures while being faster to send and taking much smaller space than the videos.

GIFs have become an inseparable part of pop cultures and social networking users including celebrities use them in communicating their feeling. Even so, many popular brands on their social media accounts and websites use GIFs to engage their audience. If you too are looking to make GIFs to send someone or to post for your brand, you are at the right place.

Here, we are discussing the 5 best apps and websites to make GIFs from photos. You might already know that GIFs are not actually videos as they appear but series of pictures. Using these tools, you can create perfect GIFs from your photo series, to enhance your social media game.

GIPHY Create

GIPHY-images to GIFs online tool

GIPHY has one of the largest collections of GIFs and they collaborate with different apps to offer their GIF library for users. But they also offer a GIFs making tool on their website as well as apps.

Both, the online tool and the app work smoothly without any glitches. GIPHY offers a lot of options for making your GIFs appealing.

Once you upload the images, you can add text in stylish as well as animated fonts. There are thousands of stickers in their library you can attach to the GIFs.

The size of these stickers can be customized as well. The feature we liked the most is ‘Draw’ that allows you to draw over the pictures with stickers and enchanting colors. Using this tool you can create awesome personalized greetings for your loved ones.

Then you have cartoonish effects that can be applied to the pictures in your GIFs. When you are done with the editing, you can only download your created GIFs after you upload them on GIPHY. If you are not okay with putting it in public, you can toggle the ‘Public’ option to ‘OFF’ or delete it after you download it.

imgflip Animated GIF Maker

imgflip animated gif maker

imgflip is a simple GIF maker that lets you convert photos and videos to GIFs. You can use this website on your computer system, phone or iPad without having to log in.

You can make GIFs of as many images as you want by uploading them from your device. The tool allows you to set the order of the images by dragging and dropping. There is also a sort button for more convenience.

imgflip GIF maker provides a lot of customization options with your pictures. You can change the resolution and increase or decrease the delay of the images. Other options include adding text to GIF, rotating, cropping, and drawing.

The play count of the GIF i.e number of loops can also be fixed. If you set it at 0, the GIF keeps on playing. The resulting image can be downloaded easily without posting online. Create Gifs from Photos and videos is a free and very easy-to-use online tool to make GIFs from photos and videos. By adding images, you can animate GIFs, slideshows, and surprisingly, music videos too.

You heard it right, has the option to add music to your video through pasting YouTube links of the music.

To create GIFs from images, you can upload the images from your phone or PC. It allows you to set the canvas size, choose animation speed and number of loops.

A lot of GIF maker websites offer reduced quality GIFs but here you can choose high resolution manually. You can share those GIFs as slideshows on your social handles to showcase your photography.

ImgPlay GIF Maker

ImgPlay GIF maker

Here is one of the best Photo to GIF converters available on Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. On ImgPlay, you can create or edit GIFs and share them instantly with your friends on social media apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, etc.

After choosing the images from your gallery, you can edit the frame delay rates, choose if they play forward, reverse or back and forth, crop, and apply different filters.

This app also has many cool fonts and dozens of soothing colors for texts to apply on the GIFs. After the editing, you have options to download it on different resolutions. To get the watermark removed, you will have to upgrade to the pro version of ImgPlay.

GIF Maker & Editor for Android

GIF maker and Editor android

GIFMaker is a very high-rated app on Google Play Store for converting your images and videos to high-quality GIFs. After selecting the images from your gallery, you can edit them individually, set their appearance order, and customize the speed of the appearance.

The ‘Decoration’ tool in the app allows you to set another layer of images, GIFs, emojis, and text over your selected images.

Then with the ‘Colour’ tool, you can adjust the brightness, exposure, saturation, etc of the GIF. This GIF maker also has the option to set directions of the GIFs like ImgPlay.

With this tool, you can make boomerang-like GIFs. It is one of the rare apps you will find that lets you create GIFs without any watermark on them.

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To make your social media campaign effective, GIFs have to be included in it. If you create them the right way, GIFs communicate a lot more in comparison to photos and memes.

These were the 5 best apps and websites to make GIFs from photos. We hope they help you boost your online presence.

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