Best Instagram Photo Editor Apps

5 Best Instagram Photo Editor Apps In 2021

Instagram has become a performing destination for hundreds of thousands of photography enthusiasts worldwide. Even people who are not into professional photography, use various tools to make their posts look appealing.

A lot of photo editor apps have surfaced lately for content creators, marketers, small businesses, or just social media buffs, that allow them to edit their pictures and set an aesthetic Instagram feed.

If you are confused about what app to use for making your photos look stand out, we have got it sorted for you.

After trying a lot of them, we have selected the 5 best Instagram photo editor apps to revamp your photos.

Most of these apps have distinct features than the others, so they all can be useful for you for different reasons.

Best Instagram Photo Editor Apps

1. Snapseed


Android | iOS

Snapseed is owned by Google and it is one of the best photo editing apps available for Android as well as for iOS. A lot of Instagrammers, especially photographers use Snapseed for enhancing their pictures.

With an amazing interface, this app can edit your pictures on a professional level.

Apart from some good filters, Snapseed has 28 different tools for editing JPG and RAW images. The ‘Tune Image’ option allows you to adjust exposure and colors in the picture manually or automatically.

To bring the detailing and surface structures in images, you have the ‘details’ option. Apart from this, you can crop, rotate, adjust white balance, change perspective, etc.

If you want to set your Instagram feed with a particular theme in mind, like vintage, Noir, or grained images, there are different filters for such themes.

In these filters, you can set customize the filter strength, brightness, and contrast. The other common tools are Vinaigrette, Text, and Frames.

The brush tool in the app allows you to change the exposure, temperature, and saturation of specific areas in the picture.

The most unique feature in the app is the option to edit your head pose. It isn’t much use but you can make your face look weird and funny.

2. Instasize


Android | iOS

This is a simple but highly liked app by Instagrammers with all the basic features you need for editing your pictures. There are options to adjust brightness, sharpness, contrast, saturation, exposure, warmth, shadows, highlights, etc.

Then you have options to put premium filters on your photos, apply borders, or resize photos to adjust in your Instagram feed.

You can change the background of your image and also add some text with some cool fonts.

Instasize is one of the highest-rated Instagram photo editor apps on Android and iOS. More than a million users have given it the average ratings of 4.8 and 4.6 stars on Android and iOS platforms respectively.


VSCO Photo Editing App

Android | iOS

If you have been using Instagram or a smartphone for too long, you already know how popular VSCO is.

Pictures clicked through the VSCO app are considered a whole different genre of smartphone photography. But people use this app for editing their clicked images as well.

Here you get some basic features with good precision like adjusting Contrast, Exposure, Saturation, Tone White Balance, etc.

But people love the app mostly because of its amazing filters that bring a totally different esthetic to your Instagram feed.

The problem with the app is that almost everything your like is a paid feature. This explains the low rating of the Play Store.

Even adding text and the border to your pictures are also paid features. But the basic editing tools we mentioned above and 3-4 filters are free.

The good thing about the app is its in-built Instagram-like feed where you can see cool work by photographers worldwide and also post yours.

4. Griddy

Griddy Photo Editing App for Instagram


This is another highly rated grid photo maker app used by Instagram creators, available only on Android. The app allows you to split pictures for a perfect grid that you can post on Instagram

You must have already seen the 3×1 and 3×3 grids on profiles of a lot of people. Apart from these two formats, you can create grids of 3×2, 3×4, 3×5, 3×6, 2×2, 2×3, etc.

Apart from the Photo Grids, you can create a panorama picture to post on Instagram where your followers have to swipe for viewing the whole picture.

A lot of creators, split their already clicked panorama pictures using this app so that they can be posted. You can split the pictures into up to 10 parts.

Other feature of the apps includes editing a picture in a square shape to make the frame look good on Instagram.

Here you can add a different background to your image like those white borders you see on a lot of pictures on Instagram and also apply some filters. The filters are not that impressive though.

5. Photogrid

PhotoGrid Photo Editor App

Android APK | iOS

If you have decided to make your Instagram game all about the white border esthetics, this is one of the best photo editor apps you will come across.

Though Photogrid has innumerable other functions, a lot of people use this for making the white border in the perfect ratio in each of their pictures. You can click good pictures through the in-built camera of the app as well.

This app is also very popular for its grid feature that you can use to make a beautiful collage.

In the collage, you can apply different filters on each picture and zoom in and out easily. The feature I have used the most in this app is clipping any image in the shape you want and apply it to another image.

Photogrid also has the feature for editing short videos for Instagram with any frame or border your want.

You can add text, trim, apply filters to the videos and customize speed. If you need an app to make a slide show and add music, then too, this is the app to go for.

Final Thoughts

The first rule to be successful on Instagram is consistency. To make that happen you need apps that do not crash now and then and quickly edit your photo in the way you want. These were the best Instagram photo editor apps to help you create an attractive Instagram feed.

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