Best Online PDF Compression Tools

5 Best Online PDF Compression Tools

Without wasting our time, let’s jump to the best online PDF compression tools without compromising the privacy of your document:


If you want a tool that has multiple features, then a Smallpdf is for you. It is an online and user-friendly tool. Small PDF provides high-quality conversion of your PDF, and that too for free.

An advantage of a small PDF is that when you convert your PDF, there is no loss of your data, and the quality of the output is relatively high. With the series of special conversion services and tools for PDF, small PDF has proven to be helpful a handful of times. You can easily convert your PDF files into format form and groups of documents.

An additional fact is that you can convert a PDF from other file formats and to PDF files if you want. A variety of other functions is that you can compress PDF, flatten or even crop your PDF files however you want. The reason for its fame is that it is a user interface intuitive and can scan without or without password-protected PDFs.

If you want to use it for free, you can gain access to only 21 tools in total, but if you want the unlimited and pro features of a small PDF, you need its premium plans that include business, pro, or team plans.


This one is also an online converter for PDFs. It uses advanced technology to convert PDFs so that none of your data is lost and the quality of the given output stays high, the same as the input.

It allows free PDF compressions, as well as cropping, flattening of the PDF, and conversion into many formats like DXT, HTML, WMF, or TXT, etc. There are more than 200 file conversions in cloud convert.

On the other hand, you can convert any file format into PDF too. It also allows you to convert a YouTube video into mp3 format or any audio or video into mp3 or mp4 format. Cloudconvert is a safe online PDF converter as it doesn’t enclose information to anyone, the only person who has access to the files is you.

If you are a free user, a disadvantage is that you can only convert 25 PDFs per day, but if you are included in the premium plans, then you have free access to every tool in this PDF converter.

Smart PDF

As the title of the article states, this is also one of the free PDF converters. It allows you to convert files to and from PDF. It has most of the popular formats like word, excel, etc. It is a really fast PDF converter as compared to others. It allows the online PDF compression of any pdf file; even after the conversion, the quality of the PDF stays the same as the input.

One great feature about smart PDF is that despite it being a free converter, it still allows you a security service and ensures that no one outside will be able to gain access to your PDF files.

Once you close the converter, your data is deleted so no one can see it. It is for both pcs and phones. You can download it easily from the play store for your Android device.

You can sign up for its premium plans for better higher services; otherwise, you will get normal quality formats, with only 20MB size for free.

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Nitro PDF Pro

This is a high-quality, professional-use converter for PDFs. It allows you to convert a PDF, edit it or even create another PDF; it is used by businesses and also individuals for reviewing purposes.

It converts your PDF into many formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, etc. You can download this converter from its official website. This is considered one of the best PDF converters as it converts all your PDFs into high-quality formats with no loss of data and retains the original format easily.

It allows you to easily convert PDFs into many files simultaneously to not waste time and speed up the process.

It has a free trial for 14 days after that; you need to have a subscription to use its features and great services. is a free and online converter PDF tool. You can use it freely as it is a user-friendly converter, and it has multiple features that are helpful on many occasions.

It allows you to crop, compress, flatten, merge or even rotate a PDF file however you want. You can also make multiple files of a PDF at once to save time. One great feature about 2PDF is that it allows you to convert format files into PDF files too.

Also, you can add or remove watermarks from the PDFs, and by adding numbers to the file, you can make them your own and extract them into documents of your liking.

You can use it for free from its official website, but if you want to gain access to its unlimited features, you have to subscribe to its premium plans.

So, these were the best converters for compressed PDFs.

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