best photo editing services

Best Photo Editing Services

As we all give our special attention to visuals, they are used by almost all the companies for marketing. Retouched and enhanced videos and pictures are used by professionals to make an impact on consumer’s minds. To make your product stand apart, you need people that can make the visuals of your brand look highly professional.

In this article, we are discussing the best photo editing services available across the world. Thousands of companies and photographers outsource editing work to them and they deliver in a time-bound manner. Wedding and other events photographers can also benefit from the skills of image editing services.

If you are a brand or an independent photographer with a good budget, looking for high-skilled work, you will find these editing services very useful. Now, let’s have a look at top photo editors and what they have to offer you.

1. We Edit Photos

WeEditPhotos is one of the best photo editing services for portraits and weddings. They have a customer base in many countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, etc and they collaborate with very talented photo editors from across the world to set the highest quality standards in editing.

Their work range from portrait and wedding photo editing to glamour retouching and color correction services.

There are largely 4 levels of retouching you can choose for your photos with different price range. The first one i.e. color correction is the cheapest where they do the skin toning, adjusting exposure and saturation, brighten unwanted shadows, fix white balance, hide dark circles, etc.

Then you have the basic level which is a little expensive than the color correction. Here, they do face skin improving by face shine, grease effect and removing spots, teeth whitening, and stray hair removal.

The pro-level and the extra level have a lot of retouching and corrections and are the most expensive services. In these levels, they do background corrections, deep color corrections, remove unwanted objects or people from the photo, smoothen cloth creases, replace the backdrop, etc.

In the ‘Extra level’, they also offer jewelry photography improvement and real-estate photos enhancement.

If your photography level is amazing, they are going to give you services just as per your expectations. But if you are a beginner, your photos are not only enhanced, you will also get valuable advice from their team.

2. ImageWorkIndia

ImageWorkIndia is probably the best company to go for if you are working on marketing and advertisement for a brand or product. It is a New York-based company that is focused on clients from the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK, and many other countries of Europe.

Their exceptional photo editors use Adobe Photoshop and a lot of plug-ins to offer very enhanced images to the clients.

Their work includes Background removal from modeling or branding photos. It is especially important for E-commerce companies to highlight their products faultlessly.

The image retouching services are for models, jewelry photos, and other products in which they smoothen and sharpen the objects using the brush tool, stamp tool, healing tool, etc.

The alignment and cropping services are also for E-commerce services to attract customers. ImageWorkIndia also provides a ghost mannequin effect for clothing brands.

Here, the brands or stores send them pictures of clothes that are put on a mannequin and they edit out the mannequin to make the cloth look placed in 3D.

3. Global Photo Edit

Globalphotoedit has been in the photo editing business for years now. They have worked with a lot of brands and they offer services like photo enhancements, photo retouching, photo montage, clipping path, background removal, color corrections, etc.

All these services are priced differently and you can check that in the ‘Pricing’ section of their website. For customers with around 500 images and above, Global photo edit offers attractive discounts.

They have a very skilled team that promises to deliver on time. When you place the request with them, they quote the price and finish the work before the deadline.

If you are a first-time customer, they will edit 3 of your images for free. You can place your final order only after you are satisfied with the edits. When it is urgent, they can deliver even within 24 hours.

You will get high-quality precision in the images as all the work they do is by hand without using any AI software.

From automobiles to fashion, lifestyle, and wedding pictures, they have quite a big editing portfolio. You can also get old photos restored by them. Global photo edit also offers design, video creation, and video editing services.

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Other Notable Mentions

OMS Photo

If you need photos for your brand, OMS Photo is one of the most considerable options. You should definitely check the photos and videos they themselves create and edit on their website. They also offer retouching services for portraits, food, and product pictures.

Pro Global Business Solutions (PGBS)

PGBS has a wide range of services to offer from graphic designing to data processing and whatnot. Their impressive photo editing services include photo editing, photo retouching, photo restoration and real estate, e-commerce, and wedding image post-processing.


These were the 3 best photo editing services in the USA and worldwide. It is highly likely that you will be satisfied with their work but if you have small tasks at times for which you don’t have a huge budget, there are freelancers as well.

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