Best Photo To Cartoon Converter Apps

5 Best Photo To Cartoon Converter Apps

Do you want to make your profile picture look artistic or cartoonish? Thankfully, you do not need any PC software for doing so. As sketching and doodling on social media are more popular than ever, there are multiple apps on different platforms that let you make your pictures look cool without much effort.

Here, we are discussing the best photo to cartoon converter apps for Android and iOS. You can use the resulting images as your profile pictures to give a branding touch to your profile.

Many beginner cartoon creators also use such pictures to make comics and jokes to share on Instagram and Facebook.

Top 5 Photo To Cartoon Converter Apps

1. ToonApp – AI Cartoon Photo EditorĀ 

ToonApp: iOS

ToonApp: Android

ToonApp - AI Cartoon Photo EditorĀ 

This is one of the fastest apps to make your photos animated. When your open the app, all the pictures on your phone that include faces, will appear on the home page. That makes it easier for you to choose photos to make them cartoonish.

You can choose by opening the gallery too or just click a picture at the moment using the ‘Camera’ option. When you finalize the photo, there is an option to crop the picture, and then within seconds, it will be converted into a cartoon.

This cartoon app has a lot of free and paid options for you to change the background of your picture. Some of the filters also allow you to change your original body in the picture.

There is an eraser tool if your want to delete parts of your picture. The only problem is the watermark on the picture for which you will have to pay to remove.

2. ToonMe – Cartoon yourself photo editor

ToonMe: iOS

ToonMe: Android

ToonMe - Cartoon yourself photo editor

Here is one of the best app for changing your photos to cartoons. This apps does good image editing with your selfies and uses artificial intelligence to transform them.

The app has a very simple design where they show different cartoonish templates on the homepage. You can choose any one of those templates and then your picture from the gallery.

This is also a perfect app if you want to make an avatar from your pictures. The resulting avatars look very similar to you and can be applied easily to different bodies. Once you choose any template on the home page, the app will allow you to change the orientation of your picture.

After you finalize the orientation and the processing starts, you get different edited results and you can continue with the one you resemble the most with.

After the editing too, you can further edit your picture by animating it. The ‘Animate’ option has a lot of attractive and creative templates you should definitely check out. The other post-result editing includes applying art, effects, and texts to your pictures.

3. Clip2Comic – Best Photo To Cartoon App for iPhone

Clip2Comic: iOS

Clip2Comic - Best Photo To Cartoon App for iPhone

Clip2Comic is an impressive cartoon maker app for transforming your picture into cartoon, caricature, and pencil sketch for free.

You can even create video clips out of your photos and videos. The live preview camera in the app allows you to look at things as if they are animated.

After you select a photo or video from your phone, you can choose different effects from the app’s library. You can also adjust the outlines, details, and blackness in the pictures. Once your editing is done, you can download the resulting cartoon image in good resolution.

There is only an iPhone app and not available for Android users. The premium version of the app has more retouching options.

4. Avatoon – Avatar Creator, Cartoon Face

Avatoon: iOS

Avatoon: Android

Avatoon - Avatar Creator, Cartoon Face

Avatoon is a highly rated app to create your cartoon avatar. You can create your avatar on this app using the selfie camera, or pictures from the gallery, or even create manually.

The avatar-making interface of the app is very much like the Bitmoji app that is used to make avatars for Snapchat. But you can do a lot more on this app.

The avatar-making process of the app can take a while just like Bitmoji if you are not that much observational about your face. But once you create a perfect avatar, they have a lot of backgrounds where you can place it and create funny posts. You can even upload photos from your gallery to set them as a background.

There are a lot of stickers in their library that can be used in your pictures. Avatoon also has the option to add text to the photos you are going to create. For that, they have different creative fonts. After your editing is done, you can apply different filters to your photos.

5. Cartoon Pictures

Cartoon Pictures: Android

Cartoon Pictures - change photos to sketch and art

Here is another cartoon picture app to convert your photos into cartoons and sketches. It is also a good app to get a deep art photo out of your pictures. Initially, you have to choose from the options ‘Cartoon Photo’ and ‘Deep Art Photo’. After deciding what you want to make out of your picture, choose the picture from your phone’s gallery. You get many options for cropping in different size ratios.

There are 27 cartoon filters on the app currently. Each filter comes with a different set of editing options from which you can change the color combinations, exposure, black and white balance, and brightness.

Frames can also be added to your pictures but we didn’t find them that useful. This cartoon editor app also has a live cartoon camera that changes your frame into a pencil sketch effect and you can click live cartoonish pictures.


Gone are the days when one had to search for a professional to make an artistic picture of yours. Using the apps we discussed above, you can create phenomenal art and cartoon pictures. These were the 5 best photos to cartoon converter apps for your phone. They are very easy to use and can really boost your online posts.

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