Best Photo To Video Maker Websites And Apps

Best Photo To Video Maker: Top 7 Websites And Apps

Do you want to make an impressive and engaging video slideshow with music and effects? Are you looking to create a video clip using some pictures? The images you have on your mobile device or PC can be turned into a video that can be posted on different platforms using some free apps and websites.

Here, we are introducing you to the best photo to video movie maker apps and websites. Most of these apps and websites offer all the editing tools you will need to come up with mind-blowing videos. They offer transitions, effects, background music, filters, etc for free and some premium tools you can buy to turn images into MP4.

Our Recommended 7 Best Photo To Video Maker

1. Kapwing’s Image to Video Converter

Website Link: Kapwing

Kapwing - photo to video maker

Kapwing is a fast video editing online website that you can access from any browser. It has dozens of tools that range from video editing to image and MP3 editing. Its image to video converter allows you to create professional-level content even if you don’t possess much editing skills.

You can upload images in JPG, PNG, or even GIF format. The images can also be dragged and dropped for changing their order of appearance. There are different aspect ratios available like 9:16 for TikTok and 16:9 and 1:1 to make videos for YouTube and other social networks. If the images are of different orientations, you can set backgrounds for them.

The duration for all the images can be set as same as well as different. The ‘Audio’ tool is for adding background music to your video. They have few good tones in their library and you can upload your own as well. There are a lot of websites that provide free audio for videos from where you can add the URL to add the audio directly. The ‘Text’ and ‘Subtitles’ tools have a lot of fonts that you can use to explain your ideas better.

Kapwing has different image editing tools so that you can enhance the images. You have the option to round the corners, add filters, adjust the brightness, saturation, and opacity, add animations, etc. To up your social media game, you can also use Kapwing’s video templates meant for making memes and photo stories.

The output file is in MP4 format of good quality. Kapwing is a good tool for beginners in video editing. They leave no watermark on the videos and do not show any ads. It is a cloud-based website so you can log in and access your content from any system.

2. Clideo Video Maker

Website Link: Clideo

Clideo - online movie maker with photos

Clideo is a video editing online tool that is very easy to use and creates videos from images in different orientations. You can choose a 1:1 video ratio for Instagram, 16:9 for Youtube, 9:16 for Instagram stories and Tik Tok, and 5:4 to be uploaded on Facebook.

This editing tool also allows you to select the format of the resulting video. There are a lot of formats to choose eg. MP4, 3GP, AVI, MKV, WEBM, MPEG, WMV, etc. You can add audio to your video from your device or Google Drive and URLs. The videos you create will be on their server for 24 hours and then get deleted permanently, ensuring the safety of your data.

The only thing we missed on this is the ability to select the duration of each image individually so that the images with text can be displayed for long. But here, you will have to select the same duration for every image.

Clideo also offers other video editing tools separately if you want to make more changes to your resulting video. Some of the most useful ones are ‘Compress Video’, ‘Add Subtitles’, ‘Meme Make’, ‘Loop Video’, ‘Merge Audio’, etc.

3. Pholody

Website Link: Pholody


Pholody is a good online tool with minimal editing options to make a video from photos for free. It makes your high-quality videos i.e in 1080p and the quality of the pictures you add does not deteriorate. You can make videos on this website only on a landscape more in the ratio 4:3, 3:2, and 16:9.

Before you add the pictures, you can add music from your system, URL, or choose not to use music at all. There you will also find the option to set the duration of the video or slideshow. Pholody allows you to make a video of a maximum of 10 minutes in length.

Images on Pholody can be added through your system and as well Google Photos. Then you have to drag the images to the editor and you can also set their position by clicking and dragging. The images can be zoomed in and out as well. There are 6 basic templates if you want to make specific videos like on someone’s birthday, Christmas, etc.

There is a unique tool on this website called ‘Auto Make’. When you upload the images and click on ‘Auto Make’, it makes the video for you with the transitions and the music automatically. It won’t make a very amazing video but is still useful if you just need a basic slideshow quickly.

Apps To Make Videos From Photos

4. YouCut: Android App To Convert Photos To Video

App Link: YouCut

YouCut - image-to-video Android

YouCut is an awesome image-to-video maker app for Android device. It is one of the rare apps on the Google Play store that has been downloaded more than 100 million times but still has got 4.8 average ratings. This is a free app and does not include any watermark on the resulting video.

This video editing app is very easy to use and on the homepage only you will see the options to choose the project from your drafts or create a new one. When you select images for making videos, a lot of times you choose the wrong image as there are a lot of similar images. YouCut allows you to long-press and gets the preview of the image before selecting them to be used.

Then there are a lot of video editing tools you would love to use. You can set the duration a picture will be on display, apply filters, insert music, add effects, write text, apply stickers, etc.

This app has multiple music tracks related to various genres like Chill, Ambient, Happy, Hip Hop, Relaxing, Travel, Kpop, etc. If you need music for your vlogs, they have beautiful tracks for that as well. For putting sound effects in between you have animal sounds, applause, bird sounds, children sounds, Heartbeat, laughter, etc.

To show your creative side, there are dozens of video effects in categories like Glitch, Beat, Motion graphics, Rythm, Retro, Magic, and Mirror. You have to long-press these effects to apply to the resulting video. When you long press, the video plays automatically and the effect will be applied for the duration of your long press.

The ‘Sticker’ tool allows you to insert not just the emojis from the keyboard but can apply GIFs as well. There is an option to adjust the opacity of those stickers. YouCut has recently introduced the ‘Pip’ tool so that you can add another layer of images over the already chosen images.

The Q&A section next to tools will be very helpful for you in case you need some help with the editing. Then finally, you can save your created video with options to choose the resolution, frame rates, and quality. The estimated file size is shown at the top before you download the video.

5. Filmigo

iOS App Link: Filmigo iOS

Android App Link: Filmigo Android


Filmigo video maker is a good editing tool for making different types of videos. It allows you to make videos on a lot of templates that have music and transitions already. The templates are on the home page but there are dozens more you can download. You will find them under the ‘Chic’, ‘Sentiment’ and ‘Travel’ categories.

Then there is a general category for making videos for sports, friendship, mother’s day, dance, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

Music is one of the most prominent features of this app. There are hundreds of melodious and comical tunes which you can use to make your videos appealing. It lets you upload music from your device as well. The best part is that you can also extract audio from the videos on your device.

The editing tools on Filmigo also impressed us a lot. The ‘Duration’ tool lets you decide the duration of each image in the video. The aspect ratio of the video can be set keeping in mind Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.

If your images are of different aspect ratios or orientations, there are different colors, gradients, and few images for setting as background. You can’t select any image from your device as a background though.

6. PhotoGrid

iOS App Link: PhotoFrip iOS


PhotoGrid is a well-known photo and video editing app. It is used by many users for making slideshows and presentations using their quality editing tools. When you choose the images for making videos or slideshows, you can change their order by dragging, make a fixed orientation of 1:1 with white background, edit them individually, and add more images.

After that, you have to press next to edit the video. This slideshow maker has few templates like X-mas, Holiday, Sale, New Year, etc for making suitable content for your loved ones or clients. There are hundreds of captivating music tracks in their library to keep your audience hooked on your videos. You can choose some smooth transitions as well.

7. SlideLab (iOS)

iOS App Link: SlideLab

Slidelab - image to videos maker

SlideLab is one of the best photo to video maker apps on the Apple App Store. It works smoothly on iPhone as well as iPad. Here you can combine and change the order of images after selecting them from your device’s gallery.

Every photo you have selected can be edited and the same editing you did can be applied to other pictures as well. It has got a lot of filters in its library for enhancing your pictures. If you add a video, the filters can be applied to it as well. The transitions and animations also take your video to next level.

SlideLab also has a good collection of music in different genres to set as background music. The background of the images can be changed and you can crop the images to settle it well on different backgrounds.


These were the 7 best photo to video maker websites and apps for your majestic online presence. Using these video editors you can also create heart-warming greetings and video diaries for your friends and family.

In our opinion, Kapwing is one of the best websites for making slideshows, presentations, and personalized videos with a lot of premium tools for free. The same can be said for YouCut as well. If you are an Android user, you will hardly find any better photo video maker for free.

iOS users are usually content with iMovie but if your need more tools, you can try Filmigo, PhotoGrid as well as SlideLab. All of them are convenient in their own way.

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