Best Websites To Edit Photos

5 Best Websites To Edit Photos For Free

Online photo editors may not be very popular among us all but they offer great utility. A lot of professionals use these editors for precision and speed. It can also save you a lot of bucks and your system will be spared from installing that heavy software.

If you are someone who works on a system but uses phones for editing photos, you should definitely try online editors. They surely boost your productivity and some of them offer much more tools than editors on phone.

In this article, we have mentioned the 5 best websites to edit photos for free.

Top 5 Photo Editing Websites (Free)

1. Canva

canva editing photos

Canva is a famous website and application among graphic designers. As it has some outstanding photo editing tools that you can use to enhance your pictures.

When you upload a picture, you get the option to either use it as a design or edit it. In editing, Canva allows you to apply different effects on the picture like Fresco, Belvedere, Flint, Luna, Aero, Bali, Latte, Bronze, etc.

Here you also get some good filters to change the tone of your pictures. After applying the filters, you can also increase or decrease their intensity.

Apart from this, Canva can make basic adjustments to your pictures with options like brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, blur, x-process, and vignette.

Common features like cropping, flipping, and adding text are also possible in Canva. The tools that are used in this website for making a design can be used for editing pictures like adding elements and stylish fonts.

One of the best things about Canva is the option for file types when you want to download the picture. You can save it in PNG, JPG, and even in PDF format.

2. Pixlr E

Pixlr E

Pixlr E is a free photo editing website by Pixlr that allows you to use premium photo editing tools.

The first option you have is to choose the picture layout and template. Then you have the text editor through which you can write on your picture with beautiful fonts. Not all the fonts or other features in these websites are free, but still, Pixlr E offers you a lot more than other editors.

The basic feature of cropping and rotating the image is there. But you will love the ‘Cut out’ feature that allows you to clip the picture in standard shapes or by drawing.

A magic cutout is a quick option where you just click on an object in the image and the editor itself recognize its borders and clip the object. It is not very accurate though.

Pixlr E has a lot of options in adjustment and filters too. You can change the color, light, toning, and fill in your pictures.

Some good effects are also there in categories like Retro Shades, Tuning, Food, Urban, etc. This website also allows you to liquefy objects in your pictures which is a famous photoshop feature.

To know more about Pixlr you can go through its dedicated review.

3. Photopea


Photopea is one of the most liked free online photo editors. So many photographers use it as an alternative to photoshop for saving some bucks.

It supports multiple layers editing and you can also save your file in PSD format or edit a PSD file. To create good portraits or edit very precisely, Photopea has a zooming option.

Photopea supports advanced brush strokes editing as in photoshop. To correct the imperfections in your images, this online editor has a spot healing brush tool.

To duplicate the objects or hide defects from parts of the image, Photopea has a ‘Clone’ tool. The clipping or ‘cut out’ tool is also there as it was in Pixler E.

You also have all basic options like adding text and drawing that are very helpful for digital marketers.

4. Fotor


Fotor is a simple but one of the best free image editing websites you will find for professional and personal use.

It has a wide range of tools to enhance your photos. In picture adjustment, Fotor has tools like Fine Tune, Curves, Film Grain, Pixelate, and the option to resize as well.

The best thing about this online photo editor is its exceptional effects and filters. There are hundreds of effects you can use that are categorized in Classic, Warm Winter, Scenes, Retro, Vintage, etc. A lot of effects are in the paid version but you can still use them with the Fotor’s watermark.

Another distinct feature in the editor is the option to customize your face according to your beauty standards.

In ‘Beauty’, you have tools like Blemish Fix, Smoothening, Wrinkle Remover, Reshape, Eye Shadows, Maskara, Teeth Whitening, etc. There are also a lot of frames and elements to use on Fotor.

5. Fotoflexer


If you are looking for a very basic yet promising photo editing tool online, your search is going to end with Fotoflexer.

Firstly it has a lot of common photo filters like Grayscale, Vintage, Polaroid, Gamma, Noise, Blur, etc. Some of these filters have options to customize intensity. Then there are basic tools for resizing, cropping, and changing the orientation of the picture.

You can use the ‘Draw’ to do illustrations on your picture. Options to add text, shapes, and stickers is also available in Fotoflexer.

If you are editing a picture to print out on canvas, this editor allows you to add some good frames to the picture.

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These were the best websites to edit your photos for free. Some of these have high-precision tools that can be alternatives for Photoshop and some are very basic. We hope they will contribute to your tasks of editing pictures perfectly.

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