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5 Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker Tools

Thumbnail is one of the most important elements for your YouTube videos to increase your viewers’ engagement. Clickbait can not work for every video. So, all you need is a well-arranged and attractive thumbnail that lures your viewers to your content.

Many aspiring YouTube creators fear making thumbnails as they think it needs graphic designing knowledge and other technical know-how. But that is not true and we are here to tell you why.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best YouTube thumbnail maker websites. These websites are free, easy to work on, and have all the necessary photo editing features.

They can help you create a good thumbnail in a short amount of time. All these websites export a standard-sized thumbnail of 1280x720px which is perfect for YouTube.

Remember, you should always use similar fonts and themes in all your thumbnails except when important otherwise.

Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker Websites

1. Canva


When it comes to designing posts for social media, Canva is a blessing for beginners. There are hundreds of free templates available on this website that you can use to create awesome thumbnails.

Most of the creators would want to use their own pictures. So you can always replace the pictures but try the cool fonts on the templates.

The fonts on Canva YouTube thumbnail templates are very catchy and blend nicely with the background. You can take cues from the color combinations used by them and use a similar picture.

There are options to customize the fonts by changing size, colors, alignments, etc.

Canva allows you to use a lot of elements on your thumbnail like shapes, graphics, photos, frames, etc.

The ‘Animate’ option in Canva is there for showing transitions while adding fonts to the background image. You can use this video animation creatively at the beginning of your YouTube video.

2. Fotor


Fotor is a popular photo editor that is used by many YouTube creators to design thumbnails for their videos. It also features a lot of useful templates that you can edit and customize.

Many of those templates are in the paid versions but you can always use them for inspiration and design thumbnails yourself.

Apart from hundreds of templates in different genres, Fotor has a lot of fonts, pictures, backgrounds, and elements like clip-arts of food, emojis, flowers, etc.

You can upload your own picture and do all the necessary edits required to make the thumbnail engaging. There are filters and customization tools like brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.

The best thing on Fotor for YouTube creators is the option for background remover. You must have seen big Youtubers use their cut-out with different backgrounds.

It makes the viewer click instantly on the video. But this feature is also in the paid, pro version.

3. Crello


Crello is one of the best YouTube Thumbnail makers online with extraordinary design ideas. You will surely get so many ideas from their creative thumbnail templates.

It has a huge library of objects and photos and most of them are free to use. Crello has a separate tool called ‘Brand Kit’, that can be used to create Logos.

There are also some very impressive backgrounds that can be used for tutorial videos’ thumbnails. The stylish fonts available in Crello can be customized by changing their size, adding background, changing alignment and spacing.

They let you download your design only when you sign in. So all your designs are saved and you can use them again with some customization.

4. Wondershare PixStudio

Wondershare Pixstudio

Pixstudio by Wondershare is similar to Canva and Fotor. But it probably has more free templates than any other online thumbnail maker and they all are way amazing.

These templates have serene pictures, catchy fonts, and different types of elements that you can adapt to your thumbnails.

You can make your thumbnail more attractive by using thousands of photos available on Pixstudio from Unsplash and Pixabay.

Pixabay also has an awesome elements collection for you on Pixstudio and all for free. These elements can be used for making logos or highlight the text on your thumbnail.

5. Pixlr X


Pixlrx is a basic graphic design tool that social media enthusiasts can use to drive an audience. Its YouTube thumbnail maker has a lot of free tools for designing a creative video thumbnail. There are templates to take inspiration from but most of them are paid.

Pixlr X lets you design a thumbnail with many layers of editing. You can edit the elements in each layer by retouching and liquifying.

The ‘Cut Out’ tool which is in the paid version of many thumbnail designers we discussed above is free here.

If you have very basic knowledge about designing, you can create outstanding thumbnails with Pixlr X. Even beginners can learn to use the easy tools.


The phrase ‘first impression is the last impression’ might be an exaggeration for real life, but for YouTube, it does hold water.

The thumbnail you design should be able to communicate the essence of your video and draw the viewers’ attention. These were the best YouTube thumbnail maker websites that you can use for free. We hope they help you grow your audience.

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