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Convert Image To PDF Using Apps And Online Tools

Are you looking for some fast apps or tools to convert your images into PDF format? PDFs are one of the most convenient forms to transfer your multiple images together.

When you send them, the quality does not deteriorate as it happens with JPG images. A lot of websites also require you to submit your pictures in PDF formats.

In this article, we have chosen the 5 best Image to PDF converters for different platforms. These converters offer different functions that we have mentioned in their description.

No matter a photography competition or a school project submission, you can convert your pictures and images within seconds now.

We have mentioned a separate app for Android and iOS as well. Those apps also allow you to click a picture from the app directly to convert it, but the online tools do not offer such flexibility.

Best Image To PDF Converters – Online Tools

1. SmallPDF : JPG to PDF Converter

smallpdf online converter

Smallpdf is one of the most popular tools to convert different file types into PDF files. To convert the images, you can either choose from your system or drag and drop them into the toolbox on the page. After the images are uploaded, you can choose the orientation of the images.

After you choose to convert, you will get a preview of the PDF. The resulting PDF file will have images with a small margin. If you want a bigger margin or do not want the margin at all, you will have to buy the pro version of the tool. Renaming the file before downloading also requires you to upgrade to Smallpdf pro.

They claim to provide full SSL encryption security to your data and when the conversion is done and the images are deleted from their system after an hour.

Apart from the above-mentioned functions, Smallpdf can be used for a lot of other things like editing and merging PDFs, compress images, convert word files, Excel files, PPTs, etc to PDF files and vice versa.

2. Free PDF Converter By Baltsoft

Baltsoft image to pdf converter

Baltsoft PDF Converter is another good online tool to convert a lot of images into PDF quickly. It works on almost all popular browsers, irrespective of the devices. You can convert JPG, PNG, and a lot of other file formats into PDFs using this tool.

You can choose or drop the images on the main page. Once you finalize the images, they are previewed on the screen and you get an option to choose them to get into a single PDF file or download separate PDFs for all the images. You can also change the orientation and order of the images.

3. JPG To PDF Onliner Tool

jpg2pdf converter free online tool to convert images to PDF

JPG2PDF is a fast tool for converting your pictures into PDF files. It is absolutely free to use with no requirements to sign in and no limits in the file size.

Despite being free, there won’t be any watermark on your images after the conversion. This tool allows you to convert up to 20 images at once.

Once you choose the images, you can download them individually by clicking on the thumbnails. To download all the images in a single PDF file, you have the option to click on ‘Combined’.

There is no option to rotate the images and the resulting orientation will be the same as the original ones. The quality of the images will not be compromised in the conversion.

4. Best Image To PDF Converter For iOS Users

Photos pdf - app store

PhotosPDF by Digiset LLC is the best app you will find for your iPhone and iPad to change the images into PDF.

It is an easy app without any complicated features. You just have to select the pictures you want and choose ‘convert to PDF’. You can also click photos from your camera roll and convert them. This app also has a document scanner that you can use to make PDFs of your documents.

If you do not want the images as they are, you can add another setting before converting them. The app allows you to rotate your images and also apply filters to them.

After the conversion, you can make separate folders on your phone through this app to store the converted images. This is helpful in organizing your PDFs better.

This simple and fast design has earned the app around 4.9 stars average rating on the App store. All the images are converted on your phone, so you should rest assured about the safety of your data.

If you have to send your images or post them, you can also add a signature to the PDFs. A small drawback of the app is that the result PDFs have a watermark on them and you need to upgrade the app to disable those watermarks.

5. Best Image To PDF Converter For Android Users

Image to PDF converter Android Google Play Store

ImageToPDF converter by Simple Design Ltd. is a small, handy app available for your Android phone. You do not need to sign in and as soon as you download and open the app, it asks you to select the pictures. The images can be selected from any folder or simply click at the moment. After choosing, click on import and all your images will be ready to be converted.

This app has very good options for convenience, you can rename the resulting PDF file, set a password for that PDF, and if you are converting multiple images to 1 PDF, sort their order.

There is an option to choose if your want the white margin in the PDF and images should be all over the page.

Image quality and the orientation of the images can also be decided before you convert your images into PDF.

Another good thing about the app is the drafts. If you have selected some images and waiting to click or receive more before converting, the selected images can be found separately in the app later.

This Android image to PDF converter has got 4.8 stars average rating from thousands of users on Play Store.

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A lot of organizations demand you submit your documents in PDF format. Now, you do not need to buy any software for that. These were the best image to PDF converters you will find to make PDF files out of your images.

We have tried all of them and they have their own set of advantages. We were most impressed by the JPG to PDF tool because it was fast and very convenient to use. But it lacked some customization options that you can find in other tools. We hope you find these tools useful.

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