Fotor Review

Fotor Review: Features, Pricing And Details

The problem with photo editing tools is that either they are too complex to use or they are very simple but aren’t any good. However, the tool that we are going to review today effectively bridges the gap between such tools and lets you enjoy the features of a good photo editing tool without being impossible to operate for a beginner. 

The tool we are talking about is Fotor, and it is a free photo editing and graphic designing tool. However, the best part about Fotor is that it is available in different formats like you can use Fotor as an online tool, as desktop software for Mac and Windows operating systems, and as an app for iOS and Android devices. To know more about the Fotor photo editor, keep reading this detailed review.

Fotor Review

Fotor Review

Fotor Features

Here’s a list of some of the most important features of Fotor that makes it one of the best free to use photo editing tools.

Edit Photos Like A Pro

Editing photos is one of the main USPs of Fotor, it gives you a wide range of editing tools to choose from which can effectively help you in manipulating a photo and make it look awesome. You can add details, effects, frames, texts and also adjust the colors of the photo as per your liking and creative demands. Moreover, it has a beauty feature that lets you touch up your selfies and portraits to make them look even more beautiful.

Make Good looking collages

Making good collages is like eating a pie on Fotor, just upload your photos, choose the template of your choice and you are good to go. There are more than enough collage templates with different styles available at your disposal within Fotor. Creating an awesome looking collage has never been so quick and easy! 

Create Inspiring and Informative Designs

You can create some good and informative design on Fotor, but it lacks advanced tools so you can not create a design from scratch. Although it has limited tools they are sufficient for your day to day graphic designing needs like creating Youtube thumbnails, blog titles, banner ads, social media banners, etc. 

Take Photo Editing to Next Level Using HDR Technology

Fotor has a unique HDR technology which is a paid feature of it. Using this technology you can get back or retain the lost details of a photo as it produces vivid colors in both the bright and dim part or area of the photo. To achieve this, the HDR technology combines two or three photos of the same scene but having different exposure to light into a single photo and captures the details in the photo as seen through human eyes. 

Reduce The photo Editing Task With Batch Processing

Batch processing is a feature available only in the desktop version of Fotor. With this feature, you can apply specific effects or features to multiple photos at a time and save yourself a lot of time editing photos manually. For example, you can crop, resize, or add frames, etc to the selected numbers of photos in one go. 

Fotor: Online Tool Review

To operate the Fotor online tool you can use any device running on any platform. The only condition is that the device must be connected to the internet. On a browser of your choice, you can search for and the tool will load in no time. On the homepage of the Fotor, you will see three options; Edit, Collage, and Design.

1. Edit

fotor edit image

Editing images is very easy for this editor. It gives you a lot of tools like the basic tools with which you can pull off some entry-level editing tasks like resizing, cropping, and rotating the photo. Also, there is a 1 tap enhance option that automatically adjusts the photo to the best color settings.

In the basic setting, you can also get a magic clipper tool which is much like a background removal tool, here you have to select the part you want to keep and the part you want to remove and then apply the settings and the background will be removed from the photo. However, this is a paid feature and if you are using the free version of the tool then you will get to see a watermark on the photo.

Apart from that, you can also change the color composition of the photo using various different tools like Fine-Tune, Colors, and most importantly you also get curve lines here much like Photoshop. With curve lines, you can adjust the tonal range of the photo. However, the curve line here is not as accurate and effective as you would get on Photoshop.

HDR effects

If you have a photo with two or three different light exposures then you can combine them to bring in the lost details and add vivid colors to it. Just upload the photos to the HDR and weight for the technology to show its magic. 

before hdr effect

As soon as the HDR technology renders the photo you will see that the multiple photos of the same scene with different exposure are combined into one vivid photo.

after hdr effect - fotor


After basic editing, if you want to add some effects to it to make it look even better then you can also do that. On the Fotor online platform, you get to see a wide range of effects like Classic, Warm Winter, Festive, Christmas, Vintage, Lomo, etc. However, some of the effects are free but some are not. You can upgrade to use the paid effects or you will see a watermark on your photo if you use them for free. 

fotor effects


The beauty feature of this tool works really fine, you can do a lot of stuff using this feature. It can make the skin look more beautiful and younger using its smoothing, blush, wrinkle removal tools.

Frames, Stickers, and Text

Once the editing is done you can also add some cool overlays to the photo to give it the final touch. You can add classy, funny and cool frames, stickers, and fonts to your photos. The free version has a limited number of stickers and frames to choose from but once you upgrade then the number available overlays increases by many folds.

2. Collages

The second option of Fotor online tools is Collage. Here you can add your photos and create some good looking collages. There 4 different collage dimensions to choose from; Classic, Artistic, Funky, and Photo Stitching.

fotor collage feature

Irrespective of what dimensions you choose, all of them have the same kind of features as you can add text, background, and stickers to your collage.

For starting with the collage making process you should first upload your photos to the editor and then select the template of your choice. 

Once the photos are added to the template you can then also change the color background of the template and also add some cool stickers and text to your collage.

This was the artistic collage template but there are also three more types of colleges such as

Classic collage

As the name suggests it has the classic template of college where you can turn your photos in a collage in the old fashion.

Funky collage

The funky college has templates that are cool and jazzy, these templates let you turn your photos into a fun collage.

Photo stitching

Photo stitching lets you stitch or combine three pictures together in the horizontal or vertical direction. 

3. Design 

To design eye-catchy graphics that can tell the story of your brand and bring in more sales and customers there are many different design options available on Fotor. From Blog title, YouTube thumbnail, Resume, Banner Ads, Logo, you can pull off any kind of design using this editor.

fotor design templates

Here is how simply you can create a design on the Fotor, I have tried to create a Blog title design for this review.

So first you need to search for the type of template you want in the template search bar. Now once you find the template of your choice clicks on it to load it on the editor.

Now once the template is a load you can literally change everything on the template like the photo, text, or build it from scratch. You can also add a sticker to your design to make it more appealing.

Similarly, you can create any design on Fotor, just select the template of your choice and start designing the graphics of your need.

Fotor Desktop Software Review

The Fotor is available as desktop software for Windows and Mac so if you want a photo editing tool that can work without the internet then you can consider the desktop app over the Fotor online tool. The Fotor desktop is a pretty basic editing tool that can help you in your day to day photo editing tasks. 

fotor desktop photo editor review

It basically has four features: Edit, Collage, TouchUp, and Batch. Sadly there is no designing feature in the desktop app as you would find in the Fotor online tool. Nonetheless, let’s have a look at the features of the Fotor desktop app

1. Edit

To edit photos you can start with uploading photos to the editor. Once your photo is uploaded you can then apply different enhancements to your photos to make it look better. You can apply scenes to your photo, add effects to it or you can simply make adjustments to the photos color, white balance, and details, etc. 

edit photos on fotor desktop software

Moreover, it allows you to manipulate the Brightness, Contrast, Vibrance, and exposure of the photo by adjusting the sliders. 

Apart from that, it has all basic photo editing features like cropping, resizing, zooming, adding text and borders, etc. However, it has one advanced feature that is to compare photos that allow you to view your photo during different stages of its editing.

2. Collage

Creating a collage is also what you can do with the Fotor desktop app, you can upload up to 30 photos at one time on the photo bucket and then select the photos one by one to create a collage of them. There are two ways to create a collage on this tool; template mode and the freestyle mode.

fotor dekstop collage option

In the template mode, you can create a collage by selecting one of the 80 unique templates available on the Fotor. With these templates, you can create a collage of a minimum of two photos or a maximum of nine photos.

Whereas in the freestyle mode you are free to move the photos in your desired style on a background of your choice

3. TouchUp

Fotor desktop has a wide range of beauty features like blemish fix, red-eye, and wrinkle remover, reshape and teeth whitening you can transform your dull and boring selfies and portraits into a beautiful photo.

Batch Processing

With batch processing you can save a lot of time editing photos, you just need to select the photos that you want to edit using the same effects and tools. Just select the photos you want to batch process and then simply select the specific effect or tool you want to use on the selected photos and you are good to go.

fotor batch processing feature

Fotor Mobile App Review

The Fotor’s mobile app is available on both Android and iPhone app stores, which can help you quickly fix your selfies on the go before uploading them online. Moreover, you can also share your photos to Fotor’s social network from the app itself, where others can like or comment on your photos. Overall, the Fotor mobile app is not a professional photo editor but a good handy tool that has two options either you can edit your photo or you can create a collage with it. 

fotor mobile app

For editing images, It has all the important photo editing tools that you generally require. You can add frames, effects, text to the photo, and also adjust the colors of it. 

edit images on app

Making a collage is also very easy. There are two different options for creating the collage either you can select the classic templates or you can go with the magazine cover templates to give your collage a professional look.

Although the app is free to use, in the free version you get to see a lot of ads, and also there are limited resources available in. However, if you upgrade then you can get rid of ads and also get more resources to edit your photos.


  • The Fotor application is available in three different formats which give the user more options to choose from.
  • The mobile app lets you edit photos on the go.
  • There are tons of resources available on Fotor across all platforms to create awesome collages.
  • The free version of Fotor has enough features to edit photos and create collages.
  • The beauty feature on the desktop and online editor works really well.


  • The free version contains lots of ads that can be distracting sometimes and it also covers some space on the canvas.
  • There aren’t enough tools available to deeply retouch a photo like professional photo editing tools.
  • Not a good tool for graphic designers as you can’t create designs from scratch.
  • The online version of Fotor takes some time to load especially when you are doing some important tasks like adding effects to the photo. Also upon reloading the page all the progress you have made is lost because there is no autosave option available.


The Basic version of Fotor online, desktop, and smartphone app is absolutely free to use. However, the non paid version of Fotor comes with limited tools and features. But if your area of work includes light to moderate photo editing then the free version is more than sufficient for you. However, the only downside of using the free version is that you will be seeing a lot of ads during your editing work.

fotor photo editor pricing

If you don’t want to see ads and want to use the premium tool and features of Fotor then you can upgrade to the paid version. But don’t worry it won’t rip your pockets as it is very affordable especially when compared to some other premium photo editing tools that cost you over $100 in annual fees. Fotor costs you just $8.99 monthly or $39.99 if you choose the annual membership. 

The premium plan comes with a lot of added advantages such as more cloud storage, Ad-free editing experience, access to premium resources, and advanced editing features. So overall, the paid version is far better than the free version of the Fotor.

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Final Verdict Of Fotor Review: Should You Use It Or Not? 

Fotor is one of the best free/affordable photo editing tools out there but it still has its flaws. And by no means, it can replace professional tools like Photoshop and Lightroom. However, it can be a great tool for creating good looking designs and collages or editing photos before posting it to social media platforms.

But due to the lack of advanced photo editing tools and plugins it falls short when it comes to professional usage. However, we can recommend it for people who are just starting out in the field of designing and photo editing to start their journey with. Once you have learned the basics of editing, then you can opt for more professional tools like Photoshop. 

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