How to flip an image in Google Docs

How To Flip An Image In Google Docs

Google Docs has basic image editing options and today we will find out how you can flip an image in Google Docs. Google Docs is a useful tool that enhances your productivity as you can directly create, edit, and share a document online. You can access Google Docs on any browser and share it with the respective party without going through the hassle of uploading or downloading a document. The file you create from your computer can be accessed and edited through your phone as well.

In Microsoft Word, there are a lot of features in comparison to Google Docs. You get a lot of options to edit an image when you insert it on Microsoft Word processor. In Google Docs there are very basic image editing features.

One of the features that is important for image editing is to flip an image vertically or horizontally. Here are a few steps to tell you how you can mirror an image in Google Docs without using any third party app or software.

Steps To Flip An Image In Google Docs

There is no direct option to mirror an image in Google Docs directly. For that, we have to use a drawing tool available in Google Docs itself and use its editing option for our task.

  1. Open Google Docs on your PC.
  2. Open the doc file in which you want to flip the image.
  3. Right-click on the image you want to flip and then click on ‘Copy’.

Copy the image

  1. Right after copying the image, click on ‘Insert’ on the menu bar at the top.
  2. After clicking on ‘Insert’ on the menu bar, select ‘Drawing’ and then click on ‘New’.

choose new drawing to flip the image

  1. A drawing tool will appear where you can paste the image by pressing ‘Ctrl+V’ or just click on Actions and then click on ‘Paste’.
  2. Right-click on the image and place your cursor on ‘Rotate’ and click on ‘Flip horizontally’.

select rotate option

  1. Your image is flipped in the drawing tool. Now click on ‘Save and close’ on the top right corner.

save the rotated image

Now, here is the final flipped image in Google Docs

flipped image in google docs

You cannot flip an image on Google Docs via the app. But if you are in any situation where you need to edit the image from your smartphone then you can follow the same steps from your phone’s browser. But for that, you will have to choose the option to change the web page into ‘desktop site’.

Google Docs also has this feature where you can manage the permissions that can be given to the person you are sharing your files with. You can authorize them once you have edited the file.

It was the easiest way to flip an image in Google Docs. We hope these steps were useful to you.

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