How To Make An Image Circular Online

How To Make An Image Circular Online

Graphic designers and marketers prefer circular images in most of their social media campaigns as it looks catchy and uses minimal space. Client testimonials on companies’ websites and digital advertisements are also expressed along with circular images. Apart from that, most announcement posts have pictures of the speakers or organizers, cropped in the same way.

Almost all social networking websites and apps now use circular images as profile pictures of their users. Because of this circle shape layout, many users crop the photo with different tools to make it look accurate and symmetrical.

A normal personal account will be good to go even without cropping as it is easy to guess the highlighting parts of the picture.

But for people running accounts of professional brands need to be careful when designing a circular profile picture for them. The picture should look professional and reflect the brand’s identity. That can be facilitated by perfectly blending the picture in the circular image layout.

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to make an image circular online. These easy steps will help you create powerful pictures that your target clients will connect to. We will do this using different tools and you can choose the one that you find easy to use.

Make your images Circular using Image is a free online website that has different types of image filters, image conversion tools, and image manipulation tools like resizing, merging, adding text and pictures, etc.

This image cropper accepts common image formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc. You can use this on your PC as well as your phone. Follow these easy steps to get your images cropped in a circular layout.

Step 1

Open any standard browser and go to circle crop tool. If you open the website directly, this crop circle tool is under the section ‘Image Filters’ in the menu.

Step 2

Tap on the ‘Select Image’ button as seen in the screenshot below and then choose the image from your system.

select image

Step 3

You will see a circular cropping window over your image. Use that to choose the area you want in your resulting image. You can increase or decrease the size by dragging from any side of this window. To change the area, simply click anywhere in the middle of the window and drag.

cropping image

Step 4

After the area, you want to show in your profile picture or client testimonial is inside the circle, click on ‘Crop Circle’ below the image.

crop circle

Step 5

Your image will be previewed next to the original image. If it works for you, you can download it using the ‘Download Image’ option. If you are not satisfied, you can again follow steps 3 and 4, and then download.

download circular image

Step 6

Your image will be downloaded into your system at a very high quality in PNG format. If you want to compress the image or change the format to JPEG or BMP, you will find the compression and conversion tools in

How to crop circular images using Canva

Canva is another amazing online tool where you can create circular profile picture, logo, and pictures for your websites. It is a designing and publishing website that is also available as an application for Android as well iOS.

If you want to make attractive changes to your pictures while cropping them, you should always use Canva.

Here you can design posters, make attractive posts in various formats for social media websites, create presentations, resumes, infographics, invitations, etc.

These are the steps to follow for making a perfect circle image in Canva.

Step 1

Open Canva and choose any one post type from hundreds of options. We have chosen the ‘Logo’, you can also go for ‘Instagram post’. The difference is only in templates, the editing options are almost the same in all post types.

choose template in canva

Step 2

Click on ‘Elements’ on the left side of the screen and then scroll down up to the ‘Frames’ section. Choose the circle frame from there by clicking on it. The frame will be added to the editing post.

select circle frame

Step 3

Now, click on the ‘Uploads’ on the left and then on ‘Upload Media’. Canva allows you to upload pictures from your device, Facebook, Instagram profiles, Google Drive and Dropbox.

upload media

Step 4

Once you have selected the picture, it will be added to the ‘Images’ library in the ‘Uploads’ section. Simply drag and drop the image to the circle frame you selected before.

select the uploaded image

Step 5

You can adjust the area by clicking on the Crop above the post.

adjust the picture area

To blend the image on different backgrounds or to highlight it as a profile picture, you can add some curved text or elements to it. A lot of social media influencers use such tools and you will find a wide range of cool fonts and elements on Canva.

Step 6

add elements to the image

You can save the cropped image by clicking on the ‘Download’ at the top right corner. Canva gives you options to download in JPG or the higher quality PNG format.

The Canva tool is better used for designing your images rather than just cropping them. You can enhance the images by adding various elements on Canva. The resulting circular shape image you get here comes with a background.

Though you can customize the background color of the image, it won’t be suitable to be used on your websites as product images or client testimonials. However, you are designing a poster on Canva, these images created with circular frames will be very useful.


These were some easy steps for you to make images circular online. If you need a fully circular image with transparent background, we advise you to use the 1st tool i.e. Images created from here can be easily placed on any background on your websites or posters.

If you are a digital marketer and want a round photo, using both these tools is very advisable. You can design awesome circular images with text and frames on Canva and then circle-crop them on to remove the background.

The output circle image you get on these online tools are of high quality. To make your websites run smoothly, we would recommend compressing those images. We hope the tips and tutorials we provided help you make impactful images.

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