Top Image Resizer Online Tools

Top 5 Image Resizer Online Tools

To attract potential clients, using pictures in your advertisements, proposals, or social channels, plays an important role. But not all picture sizes are suitable for every platform.

You must have seen people completely ruining a picture by uploading it without accurate sizes on Instagram. Most of the time, the top and bottom of an image are cut off.

A lot of websites, other than social networks, have specific requisites for the size of the image. We are here to provide you a solution to all this.

In this article, we have discussed the best image resizer tool. These are the websites you can use on almost any browser, that too for free.

List Of Best Image Resizer Online Tools

1. Adobe Spark Photo Resizer

Adobe spark Image Resizer

Adobe Spark image resizer is one of the best free tools you can use to fix your image sizes. It allows you to change the dimension of any picture according to the social networking site you are going to upload it on. You get the desired results very quickly and it is very easy to use.

On this website, you can make your clicked or downloaded pictures, smaller, vertical, or even horizontal. You can also customize it for printing out.

When you upload your photos, you see the option to resize for Instagram. Here you can resize according to Instagram story or square, portrait, and landscape Instagram posts. However, there are some dedicated apps to edit pictures for Instagram.

If you click on ‘Resize for’, you get options to resize your image according to different social networking apps and sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linked In, and Snapchat.

Then you have the ‘Standard’ option where you can resize your image according to widescreen that is 16:9, presentation slide that is 4:3, simple landscape (3:2), and portrait (2:3).

You also get the option to resize your photo as wallpaper for your iPhone. If none of these formats suit your requirement, you can choose the ‘Custom’ format at the bottom and manually insert the pixel sizes yourself.

When you choose any of the above options, there is an image scaler at the bottom right of the image. It allows you to zoom in on the picture. You can adjust the zoom and choose a specific area of your picture by dragging through the cursor.

2. Image Resizer


ImageResizer is one of the simplest tools available online to resize your photos. In this tool, you just have to click on ‘Select Image’ on the homepage and choose the image from your system. You can also drag or drop from your ‘files’ window. The image is uploaded within seconds.

Below the image, you get the option to resize it by dimensions or as a percentage. In the ‘By dimension’ you can choose the height or width of the image according to pixels, inches, cm, and even mm.

In the ‘As a percentage’ option you can drag the cursor and choose the most suitable resized percentage you want. This percentage is of the original image.

Image Resizer tool can also work as an image compressor. In the ‘Save Options’, you can manually insert the target file size of your image in KB. You can choose to save the image in either JPG or PNG format.

Image resizer does not compromise the quality of your image unless you choose to do so. It is a cloud-hosted platform that works very fast and guarantees full privacy of your images with 256-bit encryption and SSL connection.

3. BeFunky Photo Resizer

befunky image resizer

If you need a lot of editing options, other than just resizing your image, you should try BeFunky Image resizer.

This is a free online tool to make the image suitable for any post or print. You can upload the picture from your system, Google Drive, Google photos, or even directly from Facebook.

The website allows you to customize the width and height of the image according to pixels. To resize the image you can also choose to customize by manually entering the X scale and Y scale percentage of the target image.

In the resize option BeFunky image resizer does not have anything more to offer but you can do a lot of editing with the image.

Firstly, it has all the basic editing tools like Crop, Rotate, Cut Out, changes Background, Customize Exposer, Beautify, Vignette, Glow Sharpen, etc.

You can also use retouching tools like Smoothening, Blur, Soften, Blur Edges, etc. If you want to upload a portrait of yours on social media, there are detailed touch-up tools on BeFunky like Perfect Skin, Wrinkles, Blemish Fix, Blush, Flashspot, Mascara, Eye Color, Eye Brighten, etc.

The editor also has different types of effects to apply to the picture. Some popular categories are Glitch Art, Black and White tone, Charcoal, Cinematic, Orton Style, Patriotic, Pop Art, etc. You can also add frames graphics and text to your image.

The best thing about BeFunky image resizer is the option to save your images in different formats.

You can save it as JPG, PNG, or even in PDF format. In JPG and PNG, it allows you to choose the quality/size of the target image. In the end, before downloading the image, you can also upload and apply your watermark or logo to the image.

4. Social Image Resizer Tool

Social Image Resizer Tool

This tool offered by Internet marketing Ninjas is dedicated to resizing images for various social networking sites. But you can very much use it to customize your images for other purposes as well. It is an easy-to-use tool that runs smoothly on all the popular web browsers on phones and PC.

Firstly, you have to import an image from your system or using the image URL from other websites. When the image is uploaded, the tool shows you the original size of the image.

The first option you get here is to crop the image according to the custom size. As you drag the borders to crop, the tool shows you the resulting size.

The already available sizes can be applied to the image and resize it perfectly, are for all types of photos required on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, etc.

For posting on Facebook, you can change the desirable images into the size that fits the Facebook cover photo, Facebook display photo, Facebook highlight image, and even an image to use on the Facebook Link. Twitter Header and display image, Google profile photo, Linked profile, and cover photo, Instagram profile photo, YouTube channel art, and thumbnail, etc, can be made using this tool with just a few clicks.

The option to manually enter the pixel size makes it easy for you to resize images for your websites. You can choose to get the resulting image in GIF, JPG, or PNG format. To make very small images as icons for your PC, this online resizer tool also converts images into ICO format.

5. Brime – Bulk Image Resizer

Birme bulk image resizer

If you have an online store and resizing pictures for the same, you should consider Brime tool. This is a free tool that allows you to resize a lot of images at once. Though the website hasn’t mentioned the maximum number of images they can process but we managed to resize around 50 images at once.

After you upload the images, you can not only resize but customize the images in different ways. In the ‘Resize/Crop’ section, you can manually enter the required pixel size of the images. The option to decide the ratio of the image is also available if you want a similar dimension for all the images. Using this tool, you can also create thumbnails and profile pictures for different social media handles.

This Birme tool has focal point detection technology which can be applied on images at bulk and you won’t have to worry about losing the important part of the images while cropping.

The feature that inspired us the most is the ‘Rename’ feature of the tool. It renames all your images at once, giving them a similar filename followed by separate serial numbers in it.

You can also apply a watermark to all your images at once with this online resizer. Though the websites don’t mention the maximum number of images we can customize at once but we tried with above 50 images and it worked fine.


These were the best image resizer tools available online. These are very easy to use and you do not need to install any software or plug-ins to use them.

You can consider the BeFunky one for so many editing options. The Adobe spark image resizer is good because of a vast range of social networking post formats and I like the Image Resizer too because of its speed and ease of use. We hope these resizers provide you a useful image.

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