Pixlr Review: Details, Features, Pricing Of E And X

In this day and age, everyone needs a photo editing tool that can help us edit photos for professional use or for retouching our selfies before uploading them to social media platforms. However, not everyone can invest money in a professional tool nor everyone has the skills required to edit a photo professionally.

And that’s why we have come up with a review of an online tool that’s not just free to use but is also very easy to operate. So much so that even a beginner can create awesome designs, and graphics using this tool. The name of the tool is Pixlr and to know more about it you can read this review and decide whether it fits your photo editing task or not?

Pixlr Review


Pixlr is a web-based photo-editing application. It was earlier built using Flash, which required you to install Flash on your browser to use the editor. However, since Flash is bidding adieu from all the browsers by the end of 2020, two new editors are launched by Pixlr which requires no flash.

The two editors are  Pixlr E and Pixlr X, out of which the Pixlr E is for professionals with all sorts of tools that you will require to create a professional picture. While Pixlr X is a beginner-friendly tool for people just starting their photo editing journey. Moreover, you can use both of the Pixlr editor’s free versions, but the only downside of the free version is that it has limited resources for editing photos and most importantly it shows ads that can disturb you while editing a photo or creating a design.

Pixlr E vs Pixlr X

But apart from that, it is an excellent tool for editors who are looking for a powerful online tool and not any software for their computers. Also being an online tool, Pixlr is not limited to a particular device or operating system you can use it anytime anywhere you want. Just log in to your Pixlr account from any device be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone and you are good to create awesome designs and photos on the go.

Additionally, Pixlr is a secure online image editing tool that you can easily be relied upon. Basically, it asks the users to upload the photos from their PCs or smartphones’ internal memory or by submitting the direct URL of the image to edit the photos.

Pixlr Features

There are thousands of online image editing tools available but what makes Pixlr different from them is that it supports some of the cool features that are rare in an online graphic designing tool. Check out some of the most useful features of the Pixlr editor.

Smart AI Tools

Most of the photo editing tasks are filled with boring and repetitive editing tasks like removing the background of the image. However, with Pixlr’s AI design tool you can remove backgrounds perfectly from photos with just one click. It’s so accurate that it cuts out every strand of hair from the background, and saves a lot of time that you usually spend removing the background manually. 

Add Cool Effects To Photos With Just A Toggle

Unlike most professional designing software where editing photos is a tedious task, with Pixlr you can create equally stunning results with simpler steps. With its drag slider options, you can simply toggle on and off, or drag sliders in either direction (from left to right) to edit your photos. This makes unique aesthetic designs and photo effects so much simpler.

Stock Library With Over 10 Million Graphics Elements

Graphic design is a tough task and especially when you have to start from scratch. But, stop sweating the small stuff. Instead of creating design elements from scratch, browse Pixlr’s well-stocked library of millions of stickers, borders,  overlays, decorative texts, and icons to add to your design or photo. With this, you get to spend more time perfecting your edits than wasting your time over less important stuff.

Learn To Be A Professional Photo Editor

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner and know nothing about graphic designing or photo editing. With Pixlr’s natural learning curve you can learn about photo editors starting from the basics. Just start with Pixlr X, and once you have mastered it, simply switch to the more advanced Pixlr E editor to perform even more tough and creative edits!

Hassle-free Photo Upload

The first step of photo editing begins with uploading the photo to the editor and it needs to be an easy and convenient process. Pixlr has made it easier for you to upload your photo to its editor as you can upload a photo from your computer or through the URL link of that photo. You can also search for the image from the stock library by typing the name in the search bar of the library.

Moreover, it supports all different files such as JPEG, PNG, WebP, PXD, SVG, PSD, etc. So you don’t have to convert your photo to a particular file format before uploading it to the Pixlr Editor.

Multiple Language Support

Creativity knows no boundary and the language barrier should not stop one from editing photos on Pixlr and that’s why it supports all the major languages. So that everyone can use this online editor from any part of the world without actually being concerned about their language.

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Pixlr Editors Review

The older Pixlr editors are now being overtaken by the two new-generation editors, the advanced Pixlr E and the playful Pixlr X. If you are a beginner and are just starting in the photo editing world you can start with the Pixlr X editor and then move on to the more advanced Pixlr E editor.

The Pixlr also has a smartphone app that lets you edit photos on the go. Here we have tried to review all editors one by one so you can choose which editor is best for you.

1. Pixlr X Review

Pixlr X editor can be your go-to photo editing tool that you require to accomplish smaller editing tasks like cropping, inserting text, changing colors, and removing backgrounds from the photo. 


pixlr X interface

The interface of this tool is very easy and user-friendly. You get a wide canvas where you can edit your images with the left side containing the tools and the right sidebar containing the preview thumbnails. However, in the free version, the ads take up a lot of space on the canvas and they are also very distracting to look at. But you can always get rid of the ads by paying a small fee and upgrading to the paid membership of Pixlr E.

Pixlr X Features

Pixlr X is designed for beginners so you only get the basic features on this editor but they are enough to create a good design or a photo effect. Apart from some basic features like cropping, adjusting, and drawing there are some other cool features this tool has that can make your editing work easier and more fun.

AI Cut: This removes the background of the image almost instantly with perfection with just a click of the button. However, it’s a paid feature so if you are using the free version then you will have to see a 10-sec ad every time you want to use this feature. 

AI photo remove

Liquify: This feature can be used to grow, shrink, and adjust the parts of the image or a portrait. It’s a fun tool to work with, you can make any photo look funny and cool by growing or shrinking their body parts. This feature especially works best with portraits and selfies.

Add Elements: You can add premade overlays, stickers, borders, and shapes to your photo to make it look more appealing or for conveying some message through your photo.

Add elements

Add Text: One of the most important aspects of editing an image is to add text to it, and this tool lets you do that with ease. You can add text and change the font, size, color, and position of the text as per your liking.

Adjust Color: You can adjust the colors of the photo using the adjust tool which also has an Auto-Fix feature that automatically fixes the color combination of the photo. You can also change the color settings like brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, etc manually.


Add Effects And Filters:  Using the effects and filters on your photo can make it look more professionally edited. Also by adding a uniform monochromatic noise effect in your photo you can make it less noisy and especially if the photo is clicked in poor lighting conditions.




User-friendly interface

AI Cut tool

Has enough features to create a good design


Not good enough for professionals

Ads in free version

Who Is It For?

Anyone who is looking for a light photo editor which is easy to use and also powerful enough to create good-looking photos and designs.

2. Pixlr E Review

Pixlr E is the more advanced version of the Pixlr X editor and it allows all sorts of photo editing tasks one can expect from a professional tool. It can also be a great alternative for desktop tools like Photoshop and Illustrator.



Pixlr E interface looks quite similar to the Pixlr X editor but just that it has more tools and options available on the left sidebar. Also, you will see that there are a lot of options on the top panel which makes it easier for you to edit the photo professionally. On the right sidebar, you get layer previews for easy layer editing.


There’s a whole lot of features that you can expect to see in the Pixlr E editor. It has all the features that were present in the Pixlr X editor like the AI cut, liquify, crop, filters and effects. Apart from the basic features, it has some advanced features that are only present in professional graphic designing tools like:

Layer Editing

For those who don’t know what layer editing is then it is a professional feature of a photo editor using which a pro designer creates amazing designs and artwork. The Pixlr E being an advanced editor allows you to edit images by adding layers to it. Moreover, it has a dedicated layer editing option available at the top toolbar that lets you efficiently manage all the added layers to the photo.


Using this option you can add a new layer, delete existing layers, merge down the layers, and do a lot more stuff which makes editing more convenient.

Blur/sharpen/smudge the photo

This feature actually lets you manipulate the image in the way that you can easily blur a part of the photo to censor it. Or you can smudge the photo as you would do with a brush on a real photo on the canvas.

Dodge/Burn and Sponge

The dodge/burn is the feature with which you can brighten or darken an area of the photo. It works fine but doesn’t give you as many options to dodge/burn photos as compared to the Photoshop tool. 

On the other hand, the Sponge feature is used to reduce or increase the color of a particular area on the photo and make the color pop out.

Color Replace 

It is another cool feature that only advanced tools like Photoshop have. What this feature does is that it allows you to change one color in the particular area of the photo with another. It works by replacing the color with a foreground color of your choice without sketching over image details. I personally loved this feature so much that I used it to manipulate a lot of photos. Here’s one of them!


Color Picker and Color Fill

The color picker tool helps you to pick a particular color from the photo and use it with other tools like the color fill tool. The color fill tool lets you fill color in a whole enclosed area which makes it easier for you to color your photos.


As the name suggests this tool lets you copy a part of the photo and draw or paste it somewhere else. This feature is great if you want to create a clone of yourself just like we did in this photo.



Allows layer editing

Has plenty of features to create all sorts of designs 

Allows 4K image editing


It is still a new editor and requires a lot of new and better features to compete with photo editing giants like Photoshop.

Who Is It For?

With so many advanced features a newbie can get intimidated while using them so it is good for people who have prior graphing designing or photo editing experience.

3. Pixlr Editor For Mobile

Apart from the browser tools Pixlr also comes in the form of an app that lets you edit your photos from your smartphone. However, the app is not as powerful as the browser tools but is sufficient enough to do a little tweaking and retouching the photos and give it a final touch.



The interface of the app is very clean and user-friendly. You get to see 4 icons on the screen which let you choose your mode of editing. Like you get the camera icon to open the camera interface of your phone and click a picture and start editing it right away. Also, you pick a photo from the internal storage of your phone. Overall the interface is very good and even a beginner can use it to edit photos on their phone.


Check out some of the best features you get to see on the Pixlr app which turns your phone into a photo editing machine.

Wide array of tools

pixlr features

The first feature that the app has is that it has a good amount of editing tools that can help you easily edit your photo and make it look professional. Tools like Heal, double exposure, and red-eye helps make selfies and portraits look better.



Another good feature of this app is that it lets you create a collage of photos with just a few taps. You can select up to 10 photos at a time and create an awesome-looking collage. Also, you get a lot of options like adding a border, spacing between the photos, etc. 



Using a template makes editing images a lot easier and a fun task to do. The good thing is that this app has a good collection of templates that you can use for absolutely free of cost.


User-Friendly Design

Creates great collages

Has many pre-built templates


Not as powerful as the online tool

Who Is It For?

It’s for people who capture a lot of selfies and photos from their smartphone so that they can edit it right on the phone without even logging up on the computer.


Although you can use the Pixlr X and Pixlr E for free of cost, however, in the free version there is a limited amount of overlays and elements you can use. Moreover, the tools you get too are basic, and not extensive editing tools. However, the biggest downside of the free version is that these contain annoying ads that are distracting. But, if you want to get rid of the ads and want more features then you can pay for the premium or the professional version of Pixlr.

There are two different price segments of the premium and the professional plans respectively. The premium plan will cost you $3.99/mo if you pay yearly and $7.99/mo if you pay monthly. On the other hand, the professional plan is $14.99/mo yearly fees and $19.99/mo if you pay monthly. 

Premium Vs Professional: Which one should you buy?

It depends on your area of work. If you are a graphic designer then the professional plan is best for you. The premium plan comes with the added advantage of free access to the stock content.

However, if you are a content creator who wants an advanced photo editing tool for their personal usage then the premium plan is also good.

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Final Verdict

While Pixlr may not be the most powerful photo editing tool out there but it can definitely give professional editing software like photoshop a run for their money. Especially owing to the fact that it is an online tool and not a full-fledged desktop software that takes a toll on your PC’s performance.

So overall it’s a great tool for someone who is looking for a good photo editing tool. In our testing, we found that it can easily do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to editing photos professionally and we definitely recommend you checking it out. Finally, it’s up to you whether you want to go with it or not.

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