Tools To Make Image Background Transparent

5 Tools To Make Image Background Transparent

To add different backgrounds to an image, you need to remove the current background. Images with transparent backgrounds can be used with designs, cut-out collages, posters, powerpoint, online articles, magazines, etc. If you are doing this editing for posting somewhere, your tool has to work with precision.

Earlier, one used to purchase expensive software for removing the colorful or white background from their photos but now, you can get it done for free. You need not download anything as well.

In this article, we will introduce you to 5 online tools to make image background transparent. These tools are easy to use and after going through them 1-2 times, you will learn their handling.

Top 5 Tools To Make Image Background Transparent

1. removebg: Online Background Remover

removebg - best online background remover

removebg is one of the best free tools you can use to make the background transparent of any image. When you upload an image, it automatically deletes the background and what remains is an object in focus.

If you want to bring more objects to the foreground, just go to the ‘Edit’ option and manually restore or delete parts of the picture.

This online tool also allows you to apply other backgrounds replacing the transparent ones. They have good backgrounds in their library and you can upload your own images as a background as well. The changed background can also be blurred up to 3 levels.

The resulting transparent image file in removebg is downloaded in PNG format. Their website has tutorials and tips on using this tool for people from different areas like photographers, marketers, developers, businessmen, media, and car dealers.

2. Pixlr: Picture Background Remover

Pixlr Picture Background Remover

If any online tool competes with the preciseness of removebg, it has to be this background remover by Pixlr. No matter how complex your object is, the magic wand tool in Pixlr is capable of deleting its backgrounds very smoothly.

You can upload images on bulk in this tool and they will be edited together within few seconds. If you want to make further changes to the results you get, it features a manual brush tool for that.

Pixlr background eraser tool works perfectly with high-resolution images and they haven’t set any limit on the size of the image you can upload. The pictures you cut out on this tool can be edited and used on other photo editors and design makers of Pixlr like Pixlr E and Pixlr X. They have very advanced editing tools that we have discussed before.

After trying a lot of pictures on this too, we can assure you that this tool is the best for you if you want to cut out pictures for your e-commerce website.

3. VanceAI: Background Remover Tool

VANCE AI background remover tool

This is another free background removal tool available online. You can use it on any of your devices from a browser. VanceAI background remover works with good precision and has other tools to improve your picture. You can apply different colors and pictures to the background after deleting the original one.

It accepts PNG and JPG picture format images and the maximum size allowed for an image is 5 MB. But the good thing is if you upload a picture larger than 5 MB, they compress the image.

The images you edit here will be deleted from their server within 24 hours. On this website, you can delete the background of only 3 images for free every month. To edit more you will have to purchase their subscription plan.

4. Adobe Spark: Transparent Background Maker

Adobe Spark Transparent Background Maker

Adobe Spark has an impressive online tool to make photo background transparent within seconds. It does not have any additional features and Adobe Spark has other online tools where you can use and edit your resulting images.

This is probably the simplest of all background remover tools we discussed as you just have to click on upload and choose the image. The next moment, your image will be there, cut out with brilliant precision and ready to download. They have mentioned on their website that this tool is free for a very limited time.

5. Free Background remover for low-resolution images

Removal AI is an artificial intelligence-based online tool to remove background from images. It can identify the objects in your images very accurately and then cut them out with clear edges.

You can use this tool for photos of animals, vehicles, products, and people. The sophisticated AI of can handle furry edges and hairs very nicely.

This tool also includes a photo editor that you can use to add a suitable background to your image. It also allows you to add texts and effects to the resulting transparent image. is free for only low-resolution images of up to 0.25 megapixels. For images of higher resolution than that, you will need the subscription. They have a lot of subscription plans based on the per picture and per month.


These were the 5 best online tools to make image background transparent. Most of them are free and show exemplary preciseness. We really like the removebg and Pixlr background remover because of these very reasons and their speed to give the results. You can easily cut out images for posters, advertisements, charts, and personal editing using these tools.

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