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Top 5 Image To Text Converters [Apps And Websites]

The optical character recognition (OCR) technology has facilitated a very handy work of extracting texts from images. Now, if you need to post or share things from a book, screenshot, or photo, you need not type it all. You can simply use an image-to-text converter and your job is almost done.

Now, as this technology is not very common, you won’t find a lot of tools that do the precise conversion. In this article, we will tell you about the best image-to-text converters. We have included 2 online tools and 3 apps for Android and iOS platforms. Using these tools, you can easily take text from your images, books, and magazines, editable for different platforms.

Online OCR – Best Image To Text Converter

Online OCR - Image to text converter

OnlineOCR is one of the fastest free online image-to-text converters you will find. It is a very easy-to-use tool and does the conversion within seconds. Online OCR can identify words written in different file formats in up to 46 different languages like English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, etc.

This app accepts images of different formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and even GIF. Before your choose to download the converted text, there is a preview of the resulting text. You can edit in case of mistakes and then easily download the file in DOCX, XLSX, or just plain text (TXT) format.

If you come across an uneditable PDF, this tool is fully capable of converting its content into text format. This tool can surprisingly convert the content from ZIP files too. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 200 MB. The tool works fine on all the popular browsers and you have to select the document or file from your phone or PC as there is no camera option.

LiveScan – Best Image to text converter for iOS (iPad and iPhone)

LiveScan - Best Image-to-text converter for iOS (iPad and iPhone)

LiveScan is the best app to convert the text on images into editable text format. This app not only works smoothly on iPhone and iPad but it is available for macOS as well. On iPad and iPhone, you can convert the images you click on the spot or even upload from your devices’ library. If you see an address on the flyer, just capture the picture, tap on the address and your phone brings up the map option on the small floating window.

This app can grab text from video conferences and a live video. So if you need to take notes quickly, you can convert the text and get editable notes. It gets most useful when your see picture of links in presentation and have no idea what to do with them. With LiveScan, you just have to access it from the menu bar items, drag or click on the link. Screenshots from apps like Facebook and Twitter can also be converted to text with this app.

The LiveScan app has built-in Google Translation support that you can use to get the information in your own language. Other than that, you can listen to the text on speaker, call the mentioned numbers, and also lookup for a product on Amazon within seconds after scanning.

There are 8 languages that this app can detect i.e. English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, and Traditional Chinese. On every detection, this app converts up to only 50 characters for free. To convert more content, you need to purchase their subscription. Your whole family can do with one subscription and the app supports family sharing.

Text Fairy – Best Android App to Grab Text From Images

Text Fairy - Best Android image to text converter

Text Fairy is hands down the most accurate app you will find on the Google Play Store for getting text out of images. This app has a built-in camera to scan the pages of books, newspapers, cards, posters, etc.

You can also upload images from your gallery and get them converted. The best thing about the app is that it is totally free and there is no word limit on the scans. However, you can pay them a very small amount to get the ads removed.

Scanning the PDF and making their text editable is another feature of the app. If you extract text from your pictures or gallery images, you can edit and export them to a PDF file as well. Text Fairy works offline, so you need not be concerned about privacy here.

This app is capable of recognizing almost 110 languages from around the world and almost all popular languages are on the list. If there are heading and columns in the image, it can detect them easily.

Another good thing about Text Fairy is that it can also be used as a scanner app. When you click a picture from its camera, it enhances the image and its viewpoints.

Online Text Extractor Tool By Brandfolder

Text Extracter by brandfolder

Brandfolder has a lot of free text and image editing tools that can be used in any browser. This image extractor is a very easy-to-use tool that can grab text from any image or even a PDF file. You can upload the file from your PC, phone, Google Drive, Dropbox, or enter the URL of the image. The images can be of JPG or PNG format.

After you choose the image, you have the option to rotate it or crop the area from where you want the text. Though not that useful, you can crop the image in a circular shape as well. The extracted text is precise, without the omission of any word or punctuation mark. However, the tool is not that accurate with handwritten words.

If you use this tool from a phone’s browser, you can also use the camera and extract text by clicking their pictures. After the text has been extracted, there is a ‘Copy text’ button so that you can send or save it elsewhere. There is no scan history and your data does not remain with them.

Text Scanner and OCR By Peace (Android)

Text Scanner and OCR by Peace (Android)

Here is another image to text converter for Android phones. Using the Peace app, you can directly take pictures of the text to convert or just import from your gallery.

The homepage of the app is a camera so that you can quickly grab the text whenever you need it. This is most helpful when you see text in front of you on a screen or while you are traveling. The brightness and the zooming option are also with the camera to get your target texts clearly.

This text scanner has got good accuracy and converts even the small words in the image to text format. All your converted text is saved in the ‘History’ of the app. So, you don’t need to save to send the converted text right away.

When you convert the images into text, the app allows you to make changes and add additional text to the result. You can also save the text separately into your phone in a Text or PDF file. The scanned results can be heard through the in-built reader on the App.

You can also get the handwritten things on the whiteboard or blackboard in text format. This app is capable of scanning texts in around 50 different languages. For its speed and accuracy, this app has got a 4.6/5 average rating on Google Play Store.


The tools we discussed above can have different accuracy. You should always check the results achieved by the conversion before sharing the text. Uploading or clicking good-quality pictures on these tools will increase the accuracy rate for sure. These were the top 7 image to text converter online tools and apps. We hope you find them useful.

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