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Image Combiner

Combine two images either vertically or horizontally

Combine Images Online

A free, fast, and easy to use tool.

Now combine images online for absolutely free of cost without downloading any software with the ImageLR’s image combiner online tool. Just choose the images that you want to combine and select the orientation i.e how you want to combine the images, horizontally or vertically. Accordingly, the images will be combined and will be ready for download.

Image Combiner Features

High Quality

The images don’t lose their original quality after combining and you get the resulting image in high-quality PNG file.


It takes no time to combine images using our tool, just upload the images, and within seconds you will get the result depending on the uploaded images

Gap Between Images

Unlike some other online tools where you don’t get the option to have a gap between the images, that is not going to be the case here. After uploading the images and selecting the orientation you can check the box that says Gap between the images if you don’t want your images to combine without a gap.

Combine Unlimited Images

Unlike other paid tools that only let you combine images for only a limited number of times for free. With this tool, you can combine images for an unlimited amount of times without paying a penny.

Multiple Images Combining

At one time you can only combine two images, but if you want to combine multiple images, then first combine two images and download it. Later use the downloaded image and combine it with the third image using the same steps.

All Platform Support

Since it is an online tool you can use it on any device (PC, Smartphone, tablets) running on any operating system (Android, iOS, Windows, etc). The only thing required is, you should have an active internet connection.

No Sign Up

The best part about this tool is that it doesn’t ask you for your email for registration and sign up. You can simply visit the ImageLR site and start merging images right away.

Image Formats

This tool can join images of different formats like JPEG and PNG. However, it works best with the JPEG image format because this format supports millions of colors and is easy to share owing to its small size.
Once the images are combined you can then download them. The downloaded image will be in the PNG format. Although PNG is a versatile image format and can be used anywhere on the internet.

JPEG vs PNG: Which Image Format Is Better?

PNG is a lossless compression file format i.e there is no loss in quality of the image each time it is compressed. That’s what makes this format a suitable option to use on the internet.
On the other hand, JPEG is a lossy compressed file format i.e some of the unnecessary information is deleted from the file to make it small in size. But the JPG file format supports more color than png file format and therefore used by Photographers to store their photos.
Overall, JPEG is a file format best for images and photos with realistic colors. PNG, on the other hand, is best suited for text-heavy images and highly detailed graphics that have low colors in it.

Instructions To Combine Images Perfectly

While it is very easy to use this tool to combine images online but there are few things to keep in mind while doing so, in order to merge images perfectly.

1. The two images you are going to combine should be of the same dimension to get the best result. If your one image is too large and the other is small then the combined image won’t look good, unless you want it to be that way. To make both images of the same dimension you can use Paint or any other free image editing tools.
2. Apart from that, you should also choose the right orientation for the images, if the image is small in dimension then you can combine them in a vertical direction. However, if the images are longer in dimension then combining them horizontally makes more sense. But there is no hard and fast rule as such and you can combine the images the way you want them to be.
3. Use the gap option to keep a short gap between the images. Also, the images combined with a gap between them look more professional than one without the gap.