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About Online Image Resizer

Image resizer is any application or online tool that lets you change the pixel size or aspect ratio of your images. Most content creators and website designers use image resizer tools to get the image sizes suitable for their web pages. It enhances the performance of those pages on the search engine rankings. Some of the images these tools also allow bulk resizing.

What is the aspect ratio?

The dimensions of an image i.e. the ratio of the width and height is called the aspect ratio. Different camera devices and social networks use a wide range of aspect ratios that are known to the creators. The creators thus can resize or preset the aspect ratio of the image to make it suitable for posting. Here are a few common aspect ratios across display devices and posting platforms.

3:2 aspect ratio: This is one of the oldest standardized aspect ratio that was used in films as well as photos from a camera.

1:1 aspect ratio: Images in this ratio have the same width and height. This is currently the most popular aspect ratio which is used by instagram for posting square images and almost all apps and websites to set images as display pictures. Some SEO experts suggest to use this ratio for posting images on your web pages to make it suitable for viewing on phone as well as PC.

16:9 aspect ratio: This is the ratio that is currently used in vast number of films and other video entertainment mediums, landscape photography, smart TVs and monitor displays etc. The landscape wallpapers are also commonly created in this aspect ratio.

9:16 aspect ratio: 9:6 aspect ratio is for the standard portrait mode images and videos for posting stories in Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. This is also ideal for creating tiktoks, Instagram reels, IGTV videos and Youtube Shorts.

5:4 and 4:3 aspect ratios: Most phone cameras have option to click pictures in this format on potrait or landscape mode, as it can capture the maximum view of what is directly infront of the camera. This image ratio is also used a lot for posting on Instagram and Facebook.

Benefits of resizing images

Resizing an image means changing its pixel sizes, which results in a smaller image in dimensions as well as size. Most blogs and media websites that rely on SEO methods to rank their web pages on the search engines resize the images before posting them. Here are a few benefits of using resized images with your content.

Fast web page loading: Resizing the images to smaller sizes will reduce the loading time of your web pages and will retain more visitors.

Make the web page content symetrical: You will find the images you choose for your web pages in different aspect ratios and sizes. Resizing them to a common dimension will make you content look symmetrical to your visitors, hence enhancing the readability.

Better for SEO: A better user engagement and fast loading speed of web pages can boost their SEO and improve the ranking in search results.

Saving hosting space: Images and videos take up most of your websites hosting space. Using the reduced size images will lessen the burden on storage without compromising with the performance of your website.