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How To Convert?


Click on the upload button or drag & drop image files to upload.


You can upload up to 15 images at once.


The JPG to ICO conversion will start automatically.


Wait for the processing to complete.


Once the processing get completed, you will get download option to download the converted images.

About Tool

To convert JPG to ICO online, you can use this free tool. Using this you can do bulk conversion of images to ico format. The icon file generated by the JPG to ICO converter is of a specific size. If you would like to resize it to a much smaller size then you can always use our image resizer.

About ICO Images

ICO image is an image type required for making icons for files, folders, and various applications on computers with Microsoft Windows OS. These images are saved in ICO file format that requires special apps or software to open on other operating systems like macOS, iOS, Android, etc.

Initially, ICO images for windows were just in black and white color with a very simple illustration of 32 x 32-pixel size. Windows Vista (2007) was the operating system that had the first icons in high-quality 256×256 pixel icons. Now you can make icons from your own images by using our JPG to ICO converter.

Why To Convert JPG To ICO Format?

ICO images are used for creating icons for various programs and files on a Windows computer or laptop. The Chrome, My PC, Recycle Bin, Wordpad, etc icons you see on your Windows PC are ICO images.

These images are designed in such a way that users can identify the programs they want quickly. The appearance and the resolution of the image are customized according to the display and other specs in a system. There is not much information on these images and they do not provide any other utility like the JPG ones. These JPG to ICO converted images can't even be used on any other operating system than Windows.