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What is an ICO image?

ICO image is an image type required for making icons for files, folders, and various applications on computers with Microsoft Windows OS. These images are saved in ICO file format that requires special apps or software to open on other operating systems like macOS, iOS, Android, etc.

Initially, ICO images for windows were just in black and white color with a very simple illustration of 32 x 32-pixel size. Windows Vista (2007) was the operating system that had the first icons in high-quality 256×256 pixel icons. Now you can make icons from your own images by using various JPG to ICO converters.

Use of ICO images

ICO images are used for creating icons for various programs and files on a Windows computer or laptop. The Chrome, My PC, Recycle Bin, Wordpad, etc icons you see on your Windows PC are ICO images.

These images are designed in such a way that users can identify the programs they want quickly. The appearance and the resolution of the image are customized according to the display and other specs in a system. There is not much information on these images and they do not provide any other utility like the JPG and PNG ones. These ICO images can't even be used on any other operating system than Windows.

Is ICO conversion safe?

There are tons of websites and apps for converting images to ICO file formats on different systems. But safety remains a critical issue in most of such tools. This JPG to ICO converter does not save your data to any system so your images are very secure.

As the ICO files are bitmap images (BMP files), they can't store any codes or other malware in them that can be executed on your computer system. So, we do think that our ICO converts are much safer.

How does JPG to ICO Converter works?

You have to upload your JPG images on JPG to ICO converter and it quickly compresses the image by stripping all the unnecessary information. All the details on your image like date of creation, location, camera settings used, etc will be deleted.

If you modified the image to convert it and get an icon, the information regarding the modification will also be gone. Only the minimal amount of pixels and data is left and then the picture is converted into ICO file format. There will be two elements on the new ICO file i.e AND bitmap and the XOR bitmap.

The AND bitmap is for setting the transparent part of the icon while the XOR bitmap determines the visible part of the icon mapped with the AND bitmap. These ICO files can be viewed on MS photos and MS paint in the windows and on Apple preview on macOS.

A lot of ICO conversion tools are free to use and provide the resulting images very quickly. The size of the resulting image can range anywhere from 16 x 16 to 256 x 256 pixels depending on the original image and the programming of the tool you are using.