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JPG or JPEG, Joint Photographic Experts Group, is a file format that uses lossy compression technique which reduces image size without effecting the quality. With the lossy compression, it becomes easier to load JPG on web pages.


PNG, Portable Network Graphics, contains more information and are of very high quality. It can handle 16 million colors and uses lossles compression technique. As these images are of high quality, it takes more space on devices.

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You might need images in PNG format for posting or sending to someone but most of the images you see online are in JPG format. JPG to PNG converter allows you to convert an image from JPG format to PNG online. You can convert your images for free from any device using a browser.

Usage Of PNG Images

PNG images are ideal for posting images with a lot of detail as they support lossless compression. Here are a few common usages of these images.

1. PNG images are best for supporting images with graphics like doodles and illustrations. It is fully capable of presenting all the pixels of your graphic image on any screen.

2. To store pictures in very high quality, PNG format is quite suitable. Wallpaper sites that sell graphic images or photography sites that want their visitors to see the original colors, use PNG file format.

3. One of the most popular uses of PNG format is while making transparent images. PNG supports transparent images that can be used in graphic designing and making attractive posts using a cutout of a person or object. It is used a lot for displaying products on social and shopping sites.

4. Most phones use PNG format for storing screenshots as this format can perfectly replicate the high-resolution screen without compressing the pixels.

5. PNG images are the best alternative for WebP images if you want your visitors to download the images from your web page. You can compress PNG images to very small data size and it will fasten the loading speed and save some space in the server.