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Upload Images or drop files Upload up to 15 images. Max. 7 MB each

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How To Convert?


Click on upload button or drag & drop image files for conversion.


You can upload up to 15 images at once.


As soon as you upload the images, the conversion will start.


Wait for the processing to complete.


Finally, download the SVG files individually or all at once in a zip file.

About Tool

JPG to SVG converter is a free online tool that allows bulk conversion of JPG images to SVG format. The conversion is quite fast and easy to perform. SVG is a vector image file that retains good quality in small size. These are quite preferable for the web than the raster images.

Why Our Tool?

Our tool is one of the fastest conversion tools in the market. You can do JPG to SVG conversion online in a few seconds.

As there is no signup is required to start converting the images, this keeps our tool ahead of others. You can start the conversion as soon as you land on our tool page.

As most of the tool out in the market allows only limited times conversion, our JPG to SVG online tool let you convert images unlimited times for free.

Once the conversion is done, you can delete the images you have uploaded from your end itself. If you don't want to delete them then all the uploaded images get deleted after every 5 hours.