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How To Convert?


Upload images using the button or drag & drop image files.


You can upload maximum of 15 images at once.


All the JPG images automatically starts processing.


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After conversion, the option to download individual file as well as all the images in a zip file will be available.

About Tool

This JPG to WebP online tool can convert images without losing the quality of the image. The JPG to WebP converter tool is completely free to use and allows bulk conversion of images. Also, you do not have to do any signup or registration in order to do the JPG to WebP conversion.

About WebP Images

WebP image is an image file format that is considered ideal to be used in the creation of web pages. This file format was developed by Google for developers and content creators to include good-quality smaller-sized images in web pages to increase page loading speed. WebP images support lossless and lossy quality compression.

Various image file types like JPG, PNG, and GIF images can be converted into WebP images and it also allows editing with animation and transparent background.

Why do you need to convert JPG to WebP?

As we said, a WebP file can have better quality than a JPG image as it allows 30% more compression, whether lossy or lossless. So, if your website requires a lot of images in its content, using WebP images can save you a significant amount of hosting space.

After JPG to WebP conversion, images can be used in web pages while designing them or creating online content. A huge percentage of web pages especially on media websites use this image format as it can offer a better quality image in less size than a JPG image.

Does WebP Images take less size?

PNG images, especially the edited ones are quite big in size. You can convert it into WebP format which will reduce the size without affecting the quality and transparency.

How JPG To WebP Converter Can Improve Performance?

Using optimized images reduces the loading time of web pages and that results in providing a better user experience. This is a huge benefit considering that you are not compromising the quality of the image.

Can you edit WebP Images?

You can edit WebP pages on popular software like GIMP and Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop even has allowed free WebP plug-ins to save images in WebP format directly.

Can you perform bulk conversion from JPG To WebP Format?

This JPG to WebP converter is completely free and allows bulk conversion. Not only this, you can convert images to WebP format as many times as you want without paying a penny.