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PNG, Portable Network Graphics, contains more information and are of very high quality. It can handle 16 million colors and uses lossless compression technique. As these images are of high quality, it takes more space on devices.


ICO Converter

ICO is a file format which contain multiple images with more sizes and color depth. It supports backward compatibility to the old browsers and most of the browsers favor the .ico format files for the favicon.

How To Convert?


Upload images using the upload button or drag & drop image files.


You can upload up to 15 files at once.


The PNG to ICO conversion will start autiomatically.


Wait for the processing to end.


After processing, you will get option to download the converted images.

About Tool

PNG images are used for a lot of purposes but they can't be used as icons on your PC. PNG to ICO converter is an online tool that allows you to get the ideal file type for your image i.e. ICO. These ICO images can then replace the default icons of your old software or be the default icon for new software. You can use this converter on any popular browser and upload your PNG image to convert it to an ICO image for free.


Here are a few features of our PNG to ICO converter tool:

You can convert multiple images smoothly from PNG to ICO to use them as icons on your system. The tool has no limit set on the number of conversions.

It works fast and you will get the resulting images within seconds. All the images we deliver are of good quality with all the original colors and depth. But the PNG image you convert should also be of good quality.

It is a very easy-to-use tool with a simple interface that you won't find any problem navigating. Just open it, upload your image and your work is almost done.

PNG to ICO converter supports high-quality and large-sized PNG image files. That makes it easier for you to create high-resolution icons for your files and folders. You can use the converted images on large monitors and they will appear in good quality.

It is available for free and there is no trial period, hidden charge, subscription, or signup required.

This tool works on all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Brave, etc. You don't have to download any special software for the same.