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How To Convert?


Click on the upload button to upload images or drag & drop image files.


You can upload maximum of 15 files at once.


The conversion will start automatically.


Wait for the processing to complete.


After procesing, you will get the option to download the converted images.

About Tool

JPG is one of the most used formats on the internet as well as offline for photography. PNG to JPG converter is used for converting PNG to JPG format online. You can use the tool for free on your phone or PC in a browser like Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

This PNG to JPG converter allows bulk conversion of image files. Even, you don't have to do any registration or any signup to do the conversion. You just have to upload the PNG images and the tool will start the conversion automatically. As our tool is one of the fastest tools out in the market, you will find that the conversions are done within a few seconds.

Why To Convert Image To JPG?

JPG format supports lossy compression in the images that allow you to minimize their byte size to a large extent. This makes the JPG images quite useful for developers for their web pages related to news and photo galleries.

After converting PNG images to JPG, the file size reduces drastically. However, this PNG to JPG converter does the conversion without losing the image quality.

Having a smaller data size of the page makes its loading speed fast that in turn, increases the visitors of a website.