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PNG, Portable Network Graphics, contains more information and are of very high quality. It can handle 16 million colors and uses lossless compression technique. As these images are of high quality, it takes more space on devices.


SVG Converter

SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics, is vector file that can be used for logo. SVG images are sharp and clear and can be resized without losing quality unlike the raster images.

How To Convert?


You first need to upload images using button or drag & drop image files.


Up to 15 image files you can upload at once.


After uploading, the processing will start.


Wait for the processing to complete.


Download link of the images will be available instantly after the processing is finished.

Tool Features


The uploading of image files, processing, and conversion is very fast. This makes it user-friendly which saves time and effort. If you have a decent speed internet connection then you will find that the conversion of multiple images is done within seconds.

Unlimited Conversion

If you have too many images to convert to SVG files, you can use the tool as many times as you want. It is completely free!

Automatic Processing

Soon after uploading the images, the conversion process starts automatically. The tool is intelligent enough to understand that you have uploaded the PNG images and now it's time to convert them to SVG format.

Bulk Conversion

You can convert multiple images in every operation. Unlike other tools that offer only single file conversion at a moment or a maximum of 3 files conversion, this PNG to SVG converter lets you process 15 images at once. This saves a lot of time.

Multiple Download Options

This PNG to SVG online tool provides two options to download converted images. Either you can download individual images or all images at once in a zip file. So when you have less number of pictures to convert then you can individually download them else you can download the complete zip file.