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PNG, Portable Network Graphics, contains more information and are of very high quality. It can handle 16 million colors and uses lossless compression technique. As these images are of high quality, it takes more space on devices.


WebP Converter

WebP, Web Picture, by Google supports two compression technique, lossy as well as lossless. These are designed to make web pages load faster as these are very small in size compared to JPEG or PNG files.

How To Convert?


Upload images using upload button or simply drag and drop files.


You can upload up to 15 files at once.


Wait for the processing to complete.


Once the processing is done, download options will be available.


You can download the converted images either individually or all at once using the Zip option.

About Tool

Multiple Images Conversion

With this PNG to WebP online tool, you can convert up to 15 images to WebP format at once. This helps you save time by converting multiple images at once.

Automatic Processing

As soon as you upload images, the tool will automatically start the conversion process. This makes it very user-friendly and easy to use.

Multiple Download Options

The PNG to WebP converter gives you more download options. You can download the converted WebP images either individually or all at once in a zip file. So, when you have 1 or 2 images to convert then you can individually download and when you have too many pictures then you can download them in a zip file.

Delete Images Option

We give you the flexibility to delete the uploaded images. However, all the uploaded images get deleted every 5 hours.

Unlimited Conversions

There is no restriction on the number of conversions. You can convert PNG to WebP online as many times as you want for free! Unlike many other tools which restrict the amount of usage.