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How do I convert a WebP file to JPG?

You can convert a WebP file to JPG easily using WebP to JPG converter online from your phone or PC browser. Open the WebP-to-JPG converter and upload the WebP image. Within seconds the image will be converted and you will be able to download it. You can also convert a WebP file using the link. Just copy the image link and paste it on the given space in the converter. You will get the preview and then download the image.

How do I open a WebP file??

If a WebP file does not open in your system there are different ways to do it. Firstly, you can try opening the image on your web browser by simply clicking on it. The image will not be visible from the gallery, so you need to click on it from the file manager or PC drives. Almost all the popular browsers support the WebP file and you will be able to open and see the file instantly.

Another method to open a WebP file is to convert it to a file format that offers more compatibility with the devices. You can convert the WebP image to JPG using online tools. That will make the image easy to view, edit and send the image for consideration.

Advantages of converting a WebP file to JPG

WebP is a new age image file format developed by Google for making images ideal for web pages. This image format is considered better because it offers better compression options. However, you might need to convert the WebP images to JPG at times, and here are a few reasons for that.

1. WebP files are not supported on lot of devices. When you download these images, the file is downloaded as a link that opens in a browser. So, the most important benefit of converting WebP file to JPG is to see the image on your local device.

2. JPG files are easier to be used in your content online. A lot of content management systems do not have plug in for uploading images in WebP format. If you want your visitors to download your images, then JPG format will be more convenient for them.

3. JPG files can be compressed more than the WebP image files. If you can compromise with the quality, JPG images can save you some space.

4. Almost none of the popular social networking apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp support uploading WebP images. By converting a WebP image you downloaded from the internet, you can use the image in your content.

Are WebP images better than JPG?

WebP images support animation like GIFs and transparency like the PNG images and can be compressed without losing the quality. It is right to say that they are better than JPG for web pages but WebP images are not supported on most phones and PC. You can't use them in the place of GIFs and PNG images on your social networks.