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JPG or JPEG, Joint Photographic Experts Group, is a file format that uses lossy compression technique which reduces image size without effecting the quality. With the lossy compression, it becomes easier to load JPG on web pages.


BMP Converter

BMP, Bitmap, files are uncompressed images and are of high quality than the JPG files. These files contains more image information like color depth, alpha channels and others.

How To Convert JPG To BMP?


Click inside the file drop area to upload images or drag & drop image files.


You can upload maximum 15 files for the operation.


The JPG to BMP conversion will start automatically.


Wait for conversion to complete.


After processing, the download option will be available to download converted images.

About Tool

JPG to BMP converter is an online tool that can convert 15 JPG images to BMP in a single operation. You can use it unlimited times for bulk operations for free. BMP images contains more information than JPEG images and therefore these images are of higher quality.