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PNG, Portable Network Graphics, contains more information and are of very high quality. It can handle 16 million colors and uses lossles compression technique. As these images are of high quality, it takes more space on devices.


TIFF Converter

TIFF, Tag Image File Format, is a file used by designers and photographers that contains raster graphics and image information. These files can be found with a .tiff or .tif extension.

How PNG To TIFF Converter Works?


You first need to upload images using button or drag & drop images.


Up to 15 image files can be uploaded at once.


After uploading, the processing will start.


Wait for the processing to finish.


Download link of images will be available instantly after the processing is finished.

Tool Features

Fast Processing

The processing and conversion is very fast. This fast conversion technique help saves a lot of time.

Unlimited Conversion

You can use PNG to TIFF converter tool as many times as you want without paying a single penny.

Automatic Processing

As soon as you upload the images, the conversion processing starts automatically.

Bulk Conversion

You can perform bulk conversion, max. 15 images at once.

Multiple Download Options

You can download images individually or all images at once in a zip file.